Two Spyware Companies, Retina-X and FlexiSpy, Fail to Notify Customers of Data Breach

130,000 Spyware Customer Records Leaked

According to Motherboard, two companies that sell spyware to direct customers, Retina-X and FlexiSpy, have suffered a major breach.  Between the two companies, it is believed over 130,000 records were compromised.  Along with customer records, company records were allegedly exposed, as well as photos and text messages acquired by Retina-X.  The breach occurred over a week ago, yet both companies are currently reporting they knew nothing about it.  But is that really the case?

Motherboard goes on to report that Retina-X did indeed know of the breach, but is choosing to be dishonest to their consumers.  There was allegedly an email sent out to Retina-X staff, stating if anyone inquires of a “data breach” or “hack” they were to use a predetermined response.  This response states,

“Our server was not wiped because of a hack. We had a corrupted OS due to a hard disk failure. The drive had to be reformatted and reloaded for the server. Everything is running fine.”

To test this theory, a third-party submitted an inquiry regarding the data breach.  It came as little surprise when their inquiry was responded to with the predetermined response found in the alleged email.

As additional information has been gathered, Motherboard reached out to both companies for a response.  Both did not respond.

Since both companies are failing to alert impacted customers, it is advised any customer of Retina-X and FlexiSpy keep a close eye on their credit information.  Unfortunately, there is little that can be done for the text messages and pictures leaked, but any customer data found within their files can be monitored for fraudulent activity.

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