“Satana” Will Completely Disable Your PC

The latest ransomware, Satana, will completely disable your computer after a successful attack…

Ransomware seems to be taking this world by storm.  In order to avoid detection from your security software, ransomware strains have to continuously evolve and morph.

The latest version of ransomware is called Satana.  Satana will not only encrypt your files, but also attack your master boot record (MBR).  For those of you who are unaware of what the MBR is, or what it does, I will do my best to explain this.  First, the MBR is a major piece of your PC’s functionality.  If it is disabled, your operating system cannot function.  If your operating system cannot work, neither can your PC.

PC World reported Satana works by infecting your PC, encrypting files, attacking the MBR and replacing a code in the MBR with their ransom demand.  When the user tries to reboot their PC, they will only see the ransom note demanding .5 bitcoins or $340.

To make things more difficult, the user will need to submit the payment through another computer, as their infected one will be utterly useless, even to pay the ransom.

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