Remove the Windows Recycle Bin

By MakeTechEasier

The Windows Recycle Bin has helped many computer users save their bacon. Here are steps to bypass the recycle bin or disable it…although we are not sure why you would ever want to.–PC Pitstop

The Recycle Bin has long been a presence within the Windows operating system despite all of the changes that the OS has gone through over the years.

The little Microsoft app is there for a very good reason. It has saved almost every user at some point over the course of its existence. It does so by providing a backup plan for the files you delete – just in case you accidentally remove something important.

In other words, this is something you want to have around to cover your back in case you accidentally do something stupid.

However, you can bypass this fail-safe, or even completely disable it, and we’re going to show you the steps to do so.

Bypass the Recycle Bin-Article Continued Here

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