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Q1 2018 PC Matic Commercials

The first quarter of 2018 was a busy one for our television advertising department.  Check out all of the new PC Matic commercials that aired during the first three months of 2018, below:

“Not Hungry”

In this commercial, a young IT professional is telling his mother about his company getting hit with ransomware. The son is stressed out because it’s now up to him to stop it from happening again. The mother informs her son that she switched herself and her church to PC Matic after an infection, and neither has been infected since.

“Ransomware Free”

The rise of ransomware has changed the landscape of cyber security. At PC Matic, we believe we can live in a ransomware-free world. This commercial reminds viewers that our mission is to end ransomware infections, with the end result of driving cyber criminals out of business.

“PC Matic Pro Resellers”

At a Synnex event in San Diego, our team sat down with a few PC Matic Pro resellers, to ask them about their experience with PC Matic Pro. Resellers from across the country came to share positive feedback from their customers, and explain how their business has grown since partnering with PC Matic Pro.

“Our Mission”

In this commercial we explain that Ransomware is a growing and sustainable business. We discuss that PC Matic’s mission is to provide affordable, user-friendly technologies that protect homes, businesses and government agencies from being infected with computer viruses, including ransomware.

“IT Blues”

IT Blues is the newest hit from the PC Matic Band! The song centers on the struggle of IT professionals that have been hit with ransomware. The boss isn’t happy, and he’s coming for the IT department. Needless to say, they have the blues!

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