Playing Along with Fake Support Technicians

Infinite Alert Hoax Exposed!

About a month ago, PC Pitstop created a public service announcement to the general public regarding the infinite alert hoax.  This is a common fraudulent tech support alert that informs PC users they need to contact a support technician to “fix” their PC.  Examples of the alerts can be seen below:

If users choose to call these numbers, they will end up in a fake call center, talking to fake tech support technicians, who will “fix” a fake problem with the device.  This may cost between $200 to $400, depending on the “issue” of course.

PC Pitstop exposed this hoax, and encouraged readers to call the hoax numbers to tie up the phone lines.  Individuals were encouraged to speak slowly, ask several questions, and act as if they had no idea this was a hoax.  The idea was, if the fake technicians were spending their time with people who knew it was a hoax, they would have less time to scam unknowning victims.

Playing Along with Fake Support Technicians…

Below is an example of a phone call we recorded while speaking to these individuals.

Please note a few things.  First, just weeks ago they were claiming to be Microsoft.  Now, they refuse to say they are Microsoft, but a “Microsoft Certified Technician”.  Second, they can sound rather convincing — always remember this is a HOAX.  Third, the issue was resolved once the device was restarted!  Is it magic?!  No, just a tech support hoax, that will go away once a user either kills the browser or reboots the PC.

Another thing to keep in mind, had we stayed on the phone with them longer, they would have told us they still needed to scan the device to be sure the “malware” was gone.  They’re ruthless — even when the alert is gone, they still try to worm their way into conning victims.

Don’t fall for this.

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