Petya-Mischa Authors Leak Competitor Decryption Keys

The authors of the Petya-Mischa ransomware strand has leaked a competitors decryption keys…

But why?  Petya-Mischa has just released their ransomware as a service (RaaS) which, according to Sensors Tech Forum,  coincidentally launched just hours before they leaked the decryption keys to the Chimera ransomware.  So, is this less of competitor rivalry, and more of an attempt to boost the RaaS awareness?  Perhaps.

For those of you who don’t know, RaaS is a service that allows any hacker access to a particular ransomware.  They become an independent distributor of the ransomware, and then earn a percentage of the ransoms that are paid via bitcoin.  According to Security Week, with the release of the Petya-Mischa RaaS, there will be a strong increase in these ransomware attacks.

In order to stay protected against ransomware, it is encouraged all users ensure all of their applications and operating systems are patched accordingly, they use a strong anti-virus protection that utilizes application whitelisting, and they partake in cyber security training.  It should be noted that PC Matic provides all of these features.

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