PC Pitstop Top 25 Spyware and Adware

PC Pitstop has long been a source of information about unwanted software and how it spreads. Now we’re using our test results database to give you weekly updates about which programs are the most prolific. The prevalence numbers indicate the percent of PCs tested at PC Pitstop where we detected that file running. Our detection works by file name, so some products may be listed multiple times if they consist of two or more files. To check for spyware, adware, unneeded programs, and many other common PC problems, try PC Pitstop Exterminate or our full system scan. For more information on how this list is calculated, see the bottom of the page.

This Week Last Week Prevalence File Name Description
1 1 1.988 mwsoemon.exe MyWebSearch toolbar
2 2 0.277 onestep.exe One Step Search
3 3 0.136 flashget.exe FlashGet
4 6 0.118 nnrun.exe Adware-NDotNet [McAfee]
5 4 0.098 freezescreensaver.exe FreezeScreenSaver
6 7 0.064 sbtv.exe SBTV
7 12 0.061 save.exe WhenU SaveNow
8 9 0.058 sbinst.exe SpamBlocker
9 10 0.055 oeaddon.exe Zango
10 11 0.052 zangosa.exe Zango Search Assistant
11 14 0.052 perfs.exe Malware not yet determined
12 8 0.040 cdproxyserv.exe XCP.Sony.Rootkit
13 21 0.032 udcpas.exe DriveCleaner
14 0.032 dcsm.exe DriveCleaner
15 13 0.032 srv.exe Zango
16 0.029 whagent.exe Webhancer
17 22 0.026 udcsdr.exe DriveCleaner
18 18 0.026 dssagent.exe Broderbund DSSagent
19 5 0.026 rlvknlg.exe Relevant Knowedge
20 17 0.023 tsadbot.exe Conducent

How the survey works

At the beginning of every week we analyze the last 50,000 computers to test at PC Pitstop. This usually represents about a week of computer tests. Our analysis examines all running programs and compares them to our database of known software, using the file name, install directory, and version information to make a positive identification. The scan does not include spyware that consists only of Browser Helper Objects (BHO’s) or DLLs that may be attached to legitimate programs or run via RunDLL.exe.

Since the PC Pitstop tests detect unwanted software and recommend its removal, frequent visitors that test their PCs at the PC Pitstop site tend to have less spyware than the normal PC population. Therefore, our results are most likely to understate the prevalence of spyware and adware.

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