PC Pitstop PC Gaming Survey Results

The results of our April 2007 PC Gaming Survey have been analyzed. Below are some of our findings.

Almost everyone has a favorite PC game. Almost 96% of the responders to our survey indicate that they play one or more PC games on a regular basis. While the games that are loaded with the Windows operating systems are not as addictive as other types, almost 70% indicated that they occasionally or regularly play these free games.

It may come as no surprise that action games were identified as the overall most popular genre of PC games. Card games came in as a close second. It is interesting to note that the popularity of PC games genre differ significantly by gender. Card and puzzle type games rank high with females but males seem to prefer the action games.

Ever have a game that you just can’t get enough of? 37% of the people responding to our survey indicated that they frequently play or are addicted to action games. Interestingly, almost 30% responded that they rarely or never play action games. It appears either you love action games or you don’t.

Overall, approximately half of the people responding to our survey regularly play games on the Internet against other on-line players. There appears to be a significant correlation between the age of a PC user and their on-line game playing habits. 84% of the under twenty age group use Internet games as a way to interact with others, while only 30% of the sixty and older folks indicate that they do so.

It appears that people are constantly trying new games. 44% of all the people responding to our survey indicated that they had installed 5 or more new games onto their PCs in the past year. Although the percentage fall off with the 60 and older group, a good number of people appear to be searching for that new game experience.

Variety is the spice of life. Approximate 44% of the survey responders indicated that they enjoy playing 4 or more different PC games. Our analysis by gender shows that while males under 30 are more that twice as likely than females to play a variety of games, women that are 30 or older are more likely than their male counterparts to mix it up.

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