PC Pitstop Online Video Survey Results

The PC Pitstop June 2007 survey took a look at how people are adapting to and using online video. Improvements in technologies and bandwidth have opened up a whole new way for how information is being shared and accessed on the internet. 40% of the folks that answered our survey indicate that they are frequently watching online news videos. Web sites such as YouTube.com and MySpace.come are basically allowing anyone, with a PC and the desire, to make and share their online videos with the world.

News videos were identified as the most popular type of video that are downloaded and viewed. 40% of the total survey responders indicate that they frequently watch downloaded or streaming news videos. Even with today’s high bandwidth availabilities, there is still a relatively small percentage of people watching online movies.

Peer to Peer file sites are a popular way for the younger age groups to download videos. iTunes appears to have a relatively consistent usage across all age groups.

YouTube.com was identified in the survey as the most popular site for viewing streaming videos. The survey details showed a very strong correlation with age and the use of YouTube.com. Overall, 63% of people indicated that they use YouTube.com for watching streaming video. However, the percentage ranged betwen 91% for those under 30 to 48% for those 60 years and older.

Desktop PC is the favorite device to watch downloaded and / or streaming videos. Overall, 13% of the people responding to our survey indicate that they watch downloaded videos on their televisions. Watching videos on the small screens of cell phones and portable video players is most popular with the under 30 age group.

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