PC Matic Review – Strong Approach to Security

PC Matic Review – Strong Approach to Security

CPA Practice Advisor Columnist Dave McClure recently touted PC Matic as a strong security solution for “professional and home offices”.

Black Hats and White Lists: PC Matic Offers Strong Approach to Security By Dave McClure | CPA Advisor | OCT 30, 2015

Today is different. While law enforcement struggles to catch up, and traditional forms of protection proving virtually worthless, security vendors – from Symantec and McAfee to Trend Micro and more — have again turned to whitelisting as a solution. They may not all do it in the same way, but they are uniformly in favor of trying application whitelisting as a critical part of a firm’s security schema.

The surprising part of all of this is not that the old is new again, but rather the resurgence and strong performance of PCPitstop and its flagship PC Matic as a viable offering for professional and home offices.

I do like the whitelist approach PC Matic has taken. And for a solo practitioner or very small practice, PC Matic is an economical security program.

The best advice for these accounting offices is to try the security features of PC Matic with other tools we have recommended in the past, including LavaSoft’s Ad-Aware free version, and SpyBot’s Search-And-Destroy.


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