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PC Matic Joins Forces with TechSC to Accelerate Cyber Security Growth and Innovation

PC Matic, the world’s only 100% American-made Anti-virus software, announced a new partnership with TechSC

Myrtle Beach, SC – Today, PC Matic announced a new collaboration with TechSC, the latest industry initiative set forth by the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness.  

Rob Cheng, CEO and Founder of PC Matic said, “As cyber-threats continue to wreak havoc on homes, businesses, and local governments, we’re thrilled to partner with TechSC, an organization whose mission is to raise awareness and drive results around the most pressing cybersecurity issues facing our state and nation. PC Matic is committed to increasing the resilience of America’s cybersecurity infrastructure, and our partnership with TechSC will only further our ability to do so.”  

Just weeks ago, Cheng, announced his desire to make South Carolina, The Cyber Security State. “Taking steps to be proactive about Cyber Security and show it respect as a priority issue can drive South Carolina to the forefront of the United States,” Cheng states.  “We have the potential to be leaders, blazing the trail for other states to see that this war on cybercrime can be won. It’s time for South Carolina’s government entities, school systems, businesses and even home users take action and begin to put a stop to cyber warfare.”

With company operations in Myrtle Beach, SC, Cheng is confident that by sharing his mission on cyber threat prevention, he and his team can make South Carolina the first state that is cyber secure.  Cheng’s passion coupled with the company’s new partnership with TechSC, demonstrates PC Matic’s desire to secure South Carolina businesses, educational institutions, government entities, and home devices from modern cyber threats.
More information on PC Matic may be found here.

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