PC Matic Goes to Work

PC Matic Goes to Work

Everyday we hear from PC Matic users who share their stories of how PC Matic is providing measurable benefits in a business environment.

We recently heard from Kevin of Central Valley Medical – a medical education training & consulting company in Madera, CA.

PC Matic business customers like Central Valley Medical now have the option of upgrading to the PC Matic PRO platform – which provides access to all licensed systems from one central management portal.

Q: Have you noticed improvement in the performance of your office PCs – since installing PC Matic?

Kevin/Central Valley Medical: Yes we have noticed a great improvement in speed as well as launch time since installing PC Matic. We uninstalled Norton Virus as it slowed us down quite a bit and since using Super-shield as well as PC Matic things seem to be running very well.

Q: If you have noticed an improvement – has this resulted in increased efficiency in your office or with your computer related work?

Kevin/Central Valley Medical Since we installed PC Matic and Supershield on all three office computers; it has helped improve our networking capabilities, as of now we can store files one computer and as I am teaching access them through the network a lot faster than before. Also, PC Matic updates everything in the system not just their own software but keeps us up to date on all of our software and potentials threats. That is a positive plus.

Q: Are you using the PC Matic Super Shield security features?

Kevin/Central Valley Medical Yes, I have installed Supershield and so far I like it; it keeps us out of danger live and that is another positive since we deal with new customers on a daily basis and we want to protect everyone’s information and data as well as provide them with timely service.

Q: Do you consider PC Matic easy to use?

Kevin/Central Valley Medical PC Matic is very easy to use. Very friendly. It cleans, scans, defrags, updates, and protects all in one. Price is great; features are great, and I like that they are here in America.

Q: Have you interacted with the PC Matic support team?

Kevin/Central Valley Medical We have interacted with the support team and their response time is remarkable. I love a company that can provide the excellent customer service that we do; I truly believe in the customer and they have proved that to us as well. Support has been great and they have shown us a personal touch even though we are a small business.

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