PC Matic FAQs

PC Matic FAQs

Questions from PC Matic customers – recently answered by The PC Matic Support Team.

Q:I use programs like OBS (Open Brodcaster) to live stream to Twitch.tv and ever since I bought PC Matic I can not use the software and I dont see anything I can click to say dont block this or this. I definitely need help.

A:You can click on the green shield icon in the lower right corner of the Windows desktop screen by the time display and pause the protection for ten minutes, one hour, or leave it off until the next reboot, or you can set the Protection Level to Industry Standard (Blacklist only) to turn off Super Shield and just leave the Real Time protection running, or you can select SuperShield Protection, then set the Blocking Notification Method to Prompt for Override (Advanced), open the program in question again, and when the SuperShield blocking screen appears, add the programs to your local white list by clicking on the red “Always Allow” button, provided that you know for sure that these are legitimate programs, or add them to the local black list by clicking on the green “Always Block” button to avoid seeing the warning screen for that specific executable.


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Q: Does PC Matic turn Windows Defender off? | Can I run Win Defender and PC Matic simultaneously?

A: No, PC Matic does not turn off Windows Defender. Depending on which version of Windows you are running, Windows itself may disable Windows Defender if a Microsoft-certified antivirus product such as SuperShield is detected.

While there is no conflict between PC Matic and Windows Defender, activating the SuperShield real time antivirus is another matter. Our recommendation is to not run two real time agents at the same time as that can cause conflicts, slowdowns, etc.



Q: Why is my PCmatic supershield icon in task bar red?

A: Left click once on the red shield, launch PC Matic, left click on Super Shield. At the bottom of the page, left click the green shield labeled “protected”, click “disable” then click “enable”. The Super Shield should show green in the tray now.

If you hover the mouse cursor over the red shield it should display a message as to why it is red.



Q: Why is the PC Matic scan running slow?

A: Open PC Matic and click on Options>Scan Options and verify that the Quick/Full Malware Scan option is set to Quick. Quick will find 96+% of the malware on the computer. A full scan will scan every file on the computer and can literally take hours. Full scans do not need to be run every time.


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