Two Platforms Collaborate to Boost Password Security

Firefox & Have I Been Pwned Join Forces

Firefox, one of the top desktop browsers, is partnering with Have I Been Pwned to boost password security.  The browser is enhancing its Firefox Monitor and Lockwise features to notify consumers if their login credentials stored within their browser have been compromised in breaches over the last 12 months. 

The new version of Firefox, deemed Firefox 70, will scan the 8 billion breached email addresses and passwords stored within Have I Been Pwned database. If a match is found, it will alert users their information has been compromised as a result of a data breach. From there, the user will be prompted to change their passwords.

Enhancing Password Security – Is This Enough?

The looming question is still, is this enough to really increase users’ password security?  In a survey conducted by PC Matic, it was shown that 50% of users will only change their passwords if they are forced to do so.  Although this prompt may bring it to users’ attention, the likelihood of them actually taking the steps necessary to change the password is minimal, as it will not actually force them to do so. 

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