The Next Global Cyber Attack is Coming Soon

Another Global Cyber Attack is in the Works…

Miroslav Stampar, a Croatian tech security adviser for the country’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), believes another global cyber attack is coming soon.  To date, all that is known about this unnamed malware variant is, it uses seven different NSA exploits leaked by ShadowBrokers, and it functions in a two-part series.  The initial part of execution is to simply worm its way into endpoints.  To do so, it will use at least one of the following exploits:

  • EternalSynergy
  • EternalBlue
  • EternalRoman
  • EternalChampion
  • SMBTouch
  • Architouch
  • DoublePulsar

Once the malware has found its way onto a device, it sits idle to avoid detection.  At some point, malicious actions will be taken.  However, the time frame remains unknown.  Stampar believes the primary goal at this time is to spread the malware to as many devices as possible; then, when the time is right, execute the malicious activity.

Staying Protected

PC Matic encourages PC users, both home and business, to do the following to keep their data secure from growing cyber threats:

  • Implement a security solution that uses application whitelisting technology.  Application whitelisting a form of “default-deny”, meaning only trusted programs are allowed to execute.  No matter how many more malware variants are created, a solution that uses application whitelisting will not allow them to infect your computer.
  • Ensure your programs and operating systems are up-to-date.
  • Back up your data either with a cloud-based storage solution or an external device.  If you are using an external device, be sure to unplug it from your computer once the backup process is complete.
  • Take part in cyber security training.  Knowing which red flags to look for will help mitigate the risk of you being the next victim.  PC Matic subscribers are provided free cyber security training.  If you are a current consumer and haven’t used this service, learn how to do so here.

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