Three New Malware Variants Exposed

Over the weekend, three new malware variants were exposed.  Are you one of those being targeted?

Trickbot Trojan

The Trickbot Trojan is a malware variant that was targeting financial institutions overseas.  That is until now.  With U.S. financial institutions being at risk, it is important the word is spread this malware may be heading to your city.  According to Techgenix, the malware is spread through an HTML attachment sent via email.  The email is from an “Australian telecommunication company”.  Upon clicking on the attachment, the Trickbot malware is initiated.  It is unclear how much information is being collected after the malware is installed, or what the exact repercussions are.  However, one thing should be clear — malware authors are going to continue to advance their methods.


GhostCtrl is the latest malware attacking Android devices.  Although, according to Domain-B, the variant could also spread to Windows, Linux and Apple operating systems.  However, for now, GhostCtrl is focusing on Android devices.  Why?  Because they have the majority share in mobile devices.  The malware creators understand mobile devices are just that, mobile.  Users rarely do not carry their mobile devices with them, meaning they can more accessible to malware than desktops and laptops.

GhostCtrl has three different variants.  One version steals information and controls some of the device’s functions.  The second version adds more features to hijack to device, as well as includes all of the stealth of version one.   The third version combines the most advanced capabilities of previous incarnations while adding further malicious capabilities.


According to iDigital Trends, Lipizzan takes a two-method approach to worm its way into devices.  First, it will hide in various apps that users believe would help to optimize their data and devices — such as cleaner or backup apps.  Second, once it has been installed, it will request approval for a license verification.  Once approved, it goes to work exploiting vulnerabilities within the apps on the phone, stealing SMS messages and pictures, as well as accessing the microphone.



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