Microsoft Update Creating Major Issues, Yet Again…

Latest Microsoft Patch Update Causes USB Problems

Microsoft issues a new patch the second Tuesday of every month.  If additional updates are needed and they cannot wait a full month, the company may also release a patch update on the fourth Tuesday of the month.  No one would be surprised if another update is released this week, considering the issues created by the latest one.  On February 13th, Microsoft released an update that patched over 50 security vulnerabilities; unfortunately, it appears this update did not go through rigorous testing.  Shortly after updating users began experiencing issues with the functionality of their USB ports.  This became a major problem for Windows users who were using wireless keyboards and mice.  Since the USB ports were not recognizing the wireless receiver, the wireless devices were not working.

Microsoft is acknowledging their fault in these issues and they have provided a support phone number for assistance.
Please call 1-877-696-7786 for Microsoft support with your issue.

Not the First Time…

The Microsoft update that was designed to patch the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities resulted in several PCs getting a blue screen of death (BSoD) error.  Because of this error, users were left with two options.  First, access a restore point and restore the computer back to a previous date.  This option was often unsuccessful and resulted in lost data.  The second option was to reset the PC.  This option allowed users to reset their computer while keeping their data, or they could choose to completely wipe everything.  Most chose to keep their data.  However, even with their files being restored with the reset, third-party applications were removed.  This means users had to reinstall the programs and software that were previously on the PC that didn’t come installed at the time the PC was purchased.
It is because of these update issues, users are now considering disabling the automatic update feature for Windows.  We can understand the reluctance users feel with allowing automatic updates due to the frustration of restoring devices after these updates take place.  However, we do not encourage users disable this feature, because there are risks in leaving your operating system outdated.  So, if you’re choosing to disable the auto-update feature, please be certain your security solution is updated to keep your information protected.  Users are also encouraged to use a security program that implements a default-deny approach, like application whitelisting.  A whitelist will only allow trusted programs to execute.  Therefore, if users choose not to update Windows and leave the vulnerabilities open, they will at least be protected from malware hackers may attempt to execute by exploiting these security gaps.
Again, if you’re experiencing any issues as a result of the latest Microsoft update, you may reach the Microsoft support team at  1-877-696-7786.

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