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Microsoft Patched NSA Exploits Before Release

Microsoft Patched Exploits

There has been a lot of news swirling around, claiming the published exploits stolen from the NSA can be used against current Microsoft products.  According to ArsTechnica, that is not the case.  Instead, Microsoft patched the exploits a month prior to the exploits being published.  However, this is causing major speculation.  Did the NSA tip off Microsoft, giving them time to patch the vulnerabilities?  Or was this merely a remarkable coincidence?

Moving Forward

As long as the PCs have been updated with Microsoft’s latest update, they will be secure.  One concern is for the larger corporations, which typically test the updates for some time before releasing them company wide.  For any organizations who have yet to complete the Microsoft update, companywide, needs to consider implementing the update immediately.  These exploits are now in the wild, for cyber criminals to do with them what they want.  Be proactive, and stay protected.

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