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Gmail, Facebook, Flickr, and numerous other sites are ones you have online accounts on. With all of them offering valuable and different services, you cannot help but create separate accounts on each site. But the more accounts you create, the longer it takes to catch up to their updates.

Logging in to each website individually and then checking for the updates can be very time-consuming. Before you know it, you are jumping from one online account to another, looking for new update notifications. What you need is a way to integrate these services with one another, thereby giving yourself a single dashboard that keeps you updated on everything.

That is precisely what a web service called Primadesk offers you.



Primadesk is a wonderful and free to use web service that integrates online accounts from various web services. After asking you to create a new account on the site, Primadesk connects with accounts from other web services such as Gmail, Zoho, Docs, and Photobucket. The data from these accounts is read and displayed on your Primadesk dashboard. In addition to letting you read the latest from your online accounts, the site can archive documents and online data by backing it up on its servers. Thus not only does Primadesk offer online account integration but also security by data backing.


The first step to use Primadesk is to register an account. Simply provide an email address, select a password, and choose two security questions.


With your account created, you can log in and start connecting accounts from other online services. Currently the supported services include 23photos, AOL mail, Bebo photos, Box, Comcast mail, Dropbox, Facebook, Gmail, Google Docs, Picasa, Hotmail / Windows Live Mail, Kodak Galleries, MySpace, Orkut, Photobucket, Pogoplug, Shutterfly, Sify mail, Smugmug, Snapfish, Sugarsync, Yahoo Flickr, Yahoo mail, and Zoho. In addition to these you can add an IMAP or POP3 email accounts.

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