4 Reasons Why Windows UAC Is Useless


By Miguel Leiva-Gomez for

If you use Windows Vista or 7, you know how annoying it is to have to approve everything every application does on your computer. This feature, known as User Account Control (UAC), gives you all those dialogs that spring up whenever you open something. Microsoft created UAC with the intention of making computing safer for end users and technicians alike. If you’re a “victim” of this “security measure,” you know why it’s a massive failure on the part of MS. It turns out that UAC might even hinder the security of home and office systems. Ouch!

1. People Click “Yes”

Even if there’s a ton of text in bold on the screen, your average home user will click “Yes” if the dialog keeps repeating itself. This is otherwise known as a reflex, and develops in the act of repetition. Let’s face it. The majority of applications on your computer are safe. If 98% of applications that open in a computer are safe, the other 2% might go unpunished as the end user clicks “Yes” every single time the annoying dialog appears. Would you really take the time to read 200 dialogs in an 8 hour day, if you’re not paid to read them? Add all this to the fact that the “Yes” button isn’t labeled “Yes,” but “Continue” — a word the mind is less likely to want to process when it’s in a hurry.

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