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10 Useful Tips To Master Facebook Timelines For Pages

If you are not aware, Facebook will be replacing all the Pages with the Timeline view. After March 30th, whether you like it or not, the timeline view switch will be permanent and you will have to utilize it for all your business activities. The new Timeline layout allows you to market and advertise your brand better than original pages and adds an opportunity to boost engagement with your fans. The change will bring more work for Facebook page administrators initially because the preparation of the pages will take some time and hard work to get just right, but we’ll walk you through the process to make it easier. Here’s what you need to know to create the best Facebook Timeline Pages.

Tip 1. Get Familiar with the Timeline Layout

Before you panic about changing to the new Timeline format and not being able to change back, you should know that you can edit and design your new Timeline page in the Admin mode (not visible to the public) and launch it only when it is ready, or until March 30th. During this time, your current fan page will remain active until you publish your Timeline page.

To activate your Timeline preview and begin playing around with the new interface, go to the Timeline for Pages Preview Manager or use the Preview button in the header of your current Facebook Page. When you click the Preview button to start the upgrade, look for the Start Tourtab. It will take you step by step through the process of setting up your new Timeline.

Tip 2. Design Your Cover

The first, and most important step of the setup is creating your cover. The cover is something you want to put some time and thought into. The larger than life banner is the first thing visitors see when they open your brand page, so make sure it represents what your organization is all about. The banner spreads all the way across your page at a giant 851 pixels wide x 315 pixels tall, so choose images that are no smaller than 399 pixels wide. They should be visually stunning and high resolution for the best results. If you aren’t able to find the right image or don’t want to go through the process, there are many pre-made and customizable Facebook cover options like the one I used below.

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