Make Windows 10 a WiFi Hotspot

How to access the hidden feature that allows you to make Windows 10 into a WiFi Hotspot.–PC Pitstop.

Make Windows 10 a WiFi Hotspot

By Ayo Isaiah for MakeTechEasier

Windows 10 allows you to start a Wi-Fi hotspot on your computer, allowing you to share your wireless connection with several devices. This could be a useful thing if you are restricted to just one device per person on the Wi-Fi network or perhaps if you have only one password.

It’s a hidden feature, so there is no on/off switch to access this. However, there are several ways to achieve this.

Set Up Wi-Fi Hotspot Using the Command Prompt

This method does not require you to download any third-party application. You can easily set up a Wi-Fi hotspot using the built-in tools in Windows.

First, you need to open the command prompt with administrator privileges. Press the “Windows + X” key on your keyboard and select “Command Prompt (Admin)” from the pop-up menu.


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