Great Time to Build Your Own PC

Great Time to Build Your Own PC

Why 2015 is the beginning of a golden age for PC builders | Digital Trends | By Brad Bourque July 13, 2015

Assembling a computer might seem like a huge undertaking if you’ve never done it before, but the truth is there’s never been a better time to build. Whether you’re using it for gaming, as a home media center, or just an everyday web browsing, you’ll save money and headache by rolling your own. An increased rate of product turnover means lower prices, a wealth of selection, and extensive benchmarking resources to help you get the best value for your system.

Kicks in faster, lasts longer

It’s already been a crazy year for new product releases, and when that happens, the user wins.

Let’s talk Intel for a second, just as an example. Broadwell chips launched in June, and Skylake chips are already heading out to manufacturers for inclusion in systems starting later this year. That means the Haswell-E chips from late last year, which are still relevant performance-wise, will start to see discounts to make room on the shelves for the next-gen CPUs.

A wide selection of capable graphics cards for 1080p gaming are available for $200 or less

It’s also been a banner year for graphics cards, both original and rebranded. Both AMD and Nvidia have been releasing cards at a rapid click all the way down their performance tiers, which will again pay off with discounts for consumers. The GTX 980, a card that hit the market in September of 2014, is readily available for less than $500. Gamers with a 1080p monitor can choose from a wide selection of capable cards that sell around $200, or less.

And every component you buy now is going to last a lot longer than it used to. It’s not just an issue of durability. The performance gains that are seen with new parts just aren’t what they used to be. A 10 or 15-percent performance gain is a big deal, which means you’re “outdated” card or CPU may not be far behind that newly released component.

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