Find Your Lost License Keys

Find Your Lost License Keys

By Windows Guides

Ready to reload that software you purchased – but that post it note with the license key has disappeared? This freeware will help.–PC Pitstop.

We’ve all been there. You need to reinstall your software – but you forgot to write down the serial number or you simply lost the paper where you wrote it down.

What do you do?

As long as you haven’t removed the program or deleted your hard drive – there are several options, one being hacking your registry as in Rich’s recent post: Crack Windows Password [How To]. Here’s another solution.

Using a freeware tool from Abelssoft called MyKeyFinder you can search through Windows, recovering almost any serial number ever installed on your current system. Even Microsoft Serials can easily be recovered using this tool.

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This excerpt appears with the permission of Windows Guides.

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