Malwarebytes PUP Classification cause Enigma lawsuit.

Enigma Sues Malwarebytes After PUP Classification Accusations

Enigma files complaint against Malwarebytes after PUP classifications…

Malwarebytes PUP classification. BleepingComputer isn’t the only one with a target on their back.  Enigma is also bringing legal action against Malwarebytes.  According to PRLeap, Enigma’s suit claims their competitor used false advertising, unfair competition, and tortious interference with contractual relations when they categorized Enigma’s SpyHunter and RegHunter as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP).

Enigma reports that in the last eight years, Malwarebytes has never classified their programs as PUPs.  So why now?  Theorist suggests there are two motives.  First, is financial.  If Malwarebytes classifies their competitor’s anti-malware program, SpyHunter as a PUP, Enigma will see a dip in their bottom line.  Another theory suggests Malwarebytes is using this as a pressure technique.  According to PRLeap, BleepingComputer, who also is in litigation with Enigma, is one of Malwarebytes largest affiliates.  Since BleepingComputer’s suit is still pending, this could pressure Enigma to settle.

What is a PUP?

Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) are software programs that a user has no intention of downloading to their device. PUP viruses are also known as PUAs or Potentially Unwanted Applications. These also include junkware, or bundleware. These unwanted add-on’s mostly come with software that you do want to download on your system. Unsuspecting PUP virus software gets automatically installed when you click to install without carefully reading the fine print.

What is Malwarebytes up to?

Malwarebytes PUP Classification issues have caused Enigma to file a lawsuit against the software maker. What do you think?  Is Malwarebytes pushing the envelope to help BleepingComputer in anyway they can?  Or do you believe Malwarebytes believes these two programs are PUPs and are simply protecting users’ PCs?  The full complaint can be found here.

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