DVD Copying Tools Software Trends

The PC has provided the ability for users to make, edit and copy of all types of digital information. PC Pitstop Research took a look at the prevalence of DVD decryption and ripping software found on the PCs running the analytical tests on our website. This type of software makes it possible for a PC user to decrypt and rip a DVD movie onto their hard drive or other digital media. A search of the Internet for DVD coping software reveals a variety of both freeware and commercial applications that a user can use to create backups of their DVD movies. Approximately 15% of the PCs visting our web site have at least one of the DVD decryption and ripping applications installed.

A July 2007, New York Times article reported that few people copy DVDs. The article sited the research of The NPD Group, a group that has monitored the behavior of 12,000 Americans with software on their computers, that found “Only about 1.5 percent of those even have DVD ripping software. And 2/3 of them used it in the first quarter
of this year.”

Overall Prevalence of DVD Decrypt and Rip Software Applications

Prevalence of Top DVD Decrypt and Rip Software Applications

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