Chipotle Reports Data Breach Impacted Almost All Restaurants

Burritos and Breaches

Popular restaurant, Chipotle, has been a recent victim of a data breach.  The restaurant reported almost all of their Chipotle locations were impacted, as well as their Pizzeria Locale eateries.  Current reports are suggesting the breach was executed through the company’s point-of-sale (PoS) system.  The information exposed included credit card numbers, expiration dates and security codes.

Chipotle has advised customers who used a credit or debit card to purchase meals between March 24th and April 18th, watch their statements closely.  If any unauthorized charges are present, notify the appropriate banking institution immediately.

The Consumerist reports,

The company says it continues to work with cybersecurity firms to evaluate and enhance its security measure, while also supporting law enforcement’s investigation into the breach.

Customers who have questions regarding the breach can call Chipotle at 888-738-0534.

Chipotle is far from the first restaurant chain to suffer a security breach.  In the last two years major restaurant chains have been breached including: Arby’s, CiCi’s Pizza, Noodles & Co., and Wendy’s.

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