Challenges Facing IT Directors in 2020

The New Face of IT

IT directors are the first line of defense against the war on ransomware. As more companies move to managed services, there are new challenges facing independent IT directors. From work overload to balancing automation, many IT directors are facing a host of new issues. Let’s take a look at some of the more common issues.


IT directors are tasked with managing increasing workloads. Businesses across all verticals are increasing their security demands. This is leaving many IT directors with a backlog of work. More work means less time for training and keeping up on the latest news regarding security.

While automation is the key to reducing workload, relying too heavily on automation can lead to security oversights. Using an MSP solution that automates more mundane tasks is the answer. This allows IT staff to continue to stay aware of immediate needs while also freeing up time to dedicate to all tasks. Auto reporting and automated tasks like patch management keep staff in the know without requiring they get too granular on too many fronts.


Staying on top of current malware news is a great line of defense. Likewise, you should be using state of the art AV software which incorporates whitelisting technology. This allows IT directors to dedicate more time to learning about and identifying new potential threats. Working with a company that provides an extensive whitelist solution protects systems from new or unknown threats.

Utilizing The Cloud

A cloud based portal, like the kind PC Matic deploys, gives IT staff the freedom to monitor their systems from any location with internet access. Automated reporting allows them to keep an eye on what is going on with the rest of their machines without needing to be in the room.

The cloud also connects PC Matic users to our extensive monitoring services. Your solution should provide support through research and monitoring. In addition to support, it provides another layer of defense.


Additionally, rising ransomware costs lead to rising costs for security. As an IT professional, you should be working with a company that believes in keeping security affordable for everyone while still providing an exemplary product. Therefore, working with a provider that makes it easy to pay for services means the ability to cover all systems instead of picking and choosing.

The Future of AV

Most importantly, IT directors need to be keeping up-to-date with cyber hygiene. This includes modern research on effective methods and recommendations on the type of support to use. In addition, learning about new and trending way the ransomware industry is growing will help you keep an eye on what’s coming across your machines.

Looking Ahead

As ransomware becomes more sophisticated, our defenses against it will have to rise to the occasion. By keeping an eye on trends, workload, and usability, modern IT directors will arm themselves with the tools to beat the criminals. To learn more about PC Matic’s products, click here. Join us in keeping everyone safe.

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