Cerber Ransomware Targets Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 users were the most recent target of Cerber ransomware…

Last week, the ransomware called Cerber executed a zero-day attack against Microsoft Office 365 users.  It is unreported how successful this attack was.  However, according to SC Magazine, Microsoft reported in their first quarter earnings for this year that there are 18.2 million subscribers to Office 365, therefore we’d guess thousands became infected.

This attack was first discovered by Steven Toole, a researcher for cloud-based security platform, Avanan.  Toole reported it took Microsoft 24 hours before detecting the ransomware attacks.

The attack is being spread via phishing emails and targets your documents and pictures.  Once it achieves access to these files, it encrypts them and demands a ransom payment of $500 USD.

So what do you do if you are running Microsoft Office 365?  First, make sure your security software is up to date.  Second, according to Fossbytes, you need to disable Macros in you Microsoft Office software suites.

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