Can Windows Blue Save Us?

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Can Windows Blue Save Us?

Can Windows Blue save us? I’ve tried to be a Windows 8 evangelist. I am an early adopter and one of the few that actually liked Windows Vista, so I’m use to being laughed at and ridiculed for my choice of Operating Systems. Windows 8 has been a hard sell, however. There is simply too much negative buzz about it, and I find myself not telling people about the many great features such as the built-in antivirus, faster boot times and an improved task manager. Instead, I find myself frequently describing Windows 8 as “It’s not that bad.”

“Windows 8: It’s not that bad” is a terrible slogan.

So I was thrilled when I read in a recent Verge article that Windows Blue (Windows 8.1) will likely include a boot to desktop option, but it is unclear at this point whether the Start menu itself will make a come back.

Personally, I immediately bypass the Metro start screen and go directly to the gimped Desktop each time I boot my PC. I loath having to switch back to the Metro interface to start an app. The Metro interface probably has its place on a tablet or touch screen laptop, but not on my desktop machine.

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