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Windows Talk: 8 Steps to Customize a Fresh Install of Windows 7


So, now you are done with the installation of windows 7. Your desktop is in front of you. But the classical, old, formal look does not suit you; it gives a kind of boring impression. Do you want to change it? So let’s do a bit of tweaking with your OS to make it little better, stylish, secure and furnished with the essentials. Lets’ perform the operation of making your OS a happening one, step by step.

Windows Talk: 5 Reasons Why You Should Format Your Computer

Many computer users would have had pondered time and again over the question of whether they format their computer or not. I have probably formatted thousands of computers and even used to juggle formatting 5 at a time. But formatting was not always necessary.

Windows Talk: What You Need to Know About Digital Audio Formats

Many of you have been asking if there are better format to use and if certain audio file types are recommended over others for specific audio players. I’ll dive into what the more popular audio file types there are currently and what devices give you the best sound for each type.

Windows Talk: How to Test Your Backups

It’s great to make backups, but the proof of any backups’ worth is in the restoration of the saved data. It is worth trying out for yourself so you know you can trust it to do what it is supposed to do.

Windows Talk: Must Know Tips for DVD Disc Burning in Windows 7

When it comes to burning DVD discs on Windows 7 it is important to note that the type of disc you create and what type of blank DVD you use is important for the desired outcome. In this article I will identify many reasons for burning a DVD and what the best format to use is and what type of blank DVD you should be using for each type of project.

Windows Talk: How to See File Extensions in Windows

Changing the settings on your computer to see file extensions in Windows is a handy way to help identify file types. Back in the days of Windows XP we almost needed to see file extensions just to recognize what file that was. However now days with Windows 7 and Windows Vista we have pretty icons for each file type. For example if you are looking at a Microsoft Word file in your documents folder it would be very obvious because it would have a big W on the icon. Sometimes file types are not so obvious and you will need to see file extensions in Windows to recognize what file type it is. This is one of the most basic Windows Tips that people often neglect and totally forget about

Windows Talk: 3 Ways to Freshen Up Windows

The reasons for reinstalling Windows can be varied. Perhaps your PC is slow and you think it may be time to start fresh to see if you can regain the ‘zip’ your computer had way back when. Or, you may have installed various software that has caused problems and either uninstalling it and/or trying system restore did not solve them. Virus infestation is another reason many have had to reinstall Windows.With that thought in mind let’s look at 3 ways you can refresh Windows.