Mary James

Scooting Around

The new public transportation I was first introduced to the concept of city wide scooters almost two years ago. Shiny green and black scooters filling the bike racks and free spaces of city streets made me wonder who was leaving their property out for anyone to take. Then I went closer and saw the instructions. …

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Attack Vectors of 2019

A look at how cyber criminals break in There was a report released some time in late 2018 that ransomware attacks were on the decline. That was 2018. According to a study done by McAfee late into 2019, ransomware more than doubled this year. The jump is alarming. But how are these criminals able to …

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Protect your PC

Ransomware Costs 300 Jobs

The Heritage Company forced to close days before Christmas In October, The Heritage Company telemarketing company in Sherwood, Arkansas was hit with a ransomware attack that devastated their network. In a letter to employees, CEO Sandra Franecke explains how systems were down across the company. Even after paying the ransom, Franecke explains that the IT …

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The Evolution of Mobile Phones

In the beginning… If you’re in your mid-thirties to mid-forties, you should remember Zack Morris and his mobile phone gracing your TV screens week to week. As we near the end of the decade, social media is overloaded with reflections. Let’s join the fun and take a look back at the evolution of mobile phones. …

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Could Your Car Be Responsible For Your Next Data Leak?

A hacking experiment leads to surprising results A few days ago, The Washington Post (WaPo) held an interesting experiment. With the help of an automotive technology expert, they hacked into a Chevy Volt to see how much information the car was collecting on its driver. The results were pretty alarming. A technology enhanced car should …

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MSPs and Me

What is an MSP? You may have heard the term MSP recently. What is it, and why should it matter to you? MSP stands for Managed Service Provider. They provide a range of services for individuals who are looking to outsource their IT needs. Who’s it for? Most often this service applies to businesses who …

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PC Matic Shield

Insider Threats

Is your company safe? When we think of data breaches, the image that often comes to mind is a foreign entity acting with malicious intent. Stories continue to dominate the news of cities and businesses falling victim to the ever growing threat of ransomware. Where are those cyber threats located? Research suggests they could be …

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Ransomware 2020

Predictions for the future As this decade comes to a close, people are both reflecting and looking forward. Looking back, we’ve seen ransomware grow exponentially and become much more than just a nuisance. But where is it going? Opinions by security experts are as diverse as the threats themselves. Most agree that we will continue …

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Google and Amazon Devices Can Prevent Break-Ins

Traveling this holiday season? My family loves the classic Christmas movie, Home Alone. I can’t imagine you haven’t seen it, but if not, it’s about a young boy who gets left home alone accidentally in the chaos of his family leaving for Christmas vacation. While home, he battles a pair of burglars terrorizing the neighborhood. …

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government memo whitelisting

Ransomware is Lucrative and Low Risk

Small businesses suffer most Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of articles popping up about how lucrative the ransomware industry is becoming. It seems like every day there’s a news story about another organization locked down by a ransomware attack. It happens to schools, government agencies, and especially small business. Small business in America is …

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Scam Alert

Avoid becoming a victim of an expensive scam PC Matic customer service is great for assisting customers with more than just issues revolving around the PC Matic products. In recent weeks, internet scams have increased as a result of the holiday season. Our customer service team wants you to be safe so they put together …

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Over Half of Fortune 500 Companies Susceptible to Ransomware

Open for business… and trouble The research firms Expanse and 451 research found some pretty troubling news. A two week test revealed that more than 53% of Fortune 500 companies are leaving themselves vulnerable to hackers through open RDP. What does that mean? Simply put, RDP is a way to share information. An IT director …

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