Another Virus for Coronavirus

Cashing In On Fear

We’ve been inundated with news about the coronavirus for months now; tracing its steps from Wuhan, China as it travels across the world. Countries are closing boarders, and the mainstream media is making it a breaking news topic at some point each day. With all the fear surrounding this, cyber criminals are finding a way to cash in as well.

Piggybacking off the increased news presence, enterprising cybercriminals are sending phishing emails with fake warnings and information. The most common form is a warning coupled with an attachment. When you click the attachment to get the “health news” you’re hit with the virus.

What to do

To keep yourself safe from this rise in phishing attempts, stick to common sense practices; check the email address of the sender, don’t click on any links or attachments, and use a whitelisting antivirus product. Next, make sure you’re looking at grammar. As well as having questionable addresses, many phishing emails have poor grammar.

Additionally, if you’re questioning whether something is safe or not, go to a trusted site. Places like the World Health Organization, Mayo Clinic, and Centers for Disease Control are all trustworthy sources for up to date information. Visiting a reputable site eliminates any chances of clicking on a malicious link or attachment.

Remember that there are always enterprising individuals out there looking to take advantage of your fears. By keeping a level head and double checking, you can avoid becoming a victim. Oh, and don’t forget to wash your hands to help stop the spread of actual germs.

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