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Allscripts Faces Lawsuit Due to Ransomware Infection

Ransomware Infection May Cost Allscripts Big Money…

Allscripts, a company that provides electronic record systems for medical facilities was hit with a ransomware infection earlier this month.  The ransomware attack impacted several medical locations throughout the U.S., leaving them without access to their electronic data.  The severity of the impact for each facility remains unknown.  However, we do know an Ohio medical facility was shut down for days, due to the inability to access critical patient data.  A similar situation occurred for Florida medical facility, Surfside Non-Surgical Orthopedics located in Boynton Beach.  However, Surfside is attempting to hold Allscripts accountable for the financial damages they incurred due the ransomware infection.

According to Health Data Management, Surfside Non-Surgical Orthopedics filed a class-action complaint against Allscripts for failure to secure their systems and data from cyber attacks, such as ransomware infections, which prevented their clients from conducting day-to-day business.  Surfside Non-Surgical Orthopedics was also left inoperable due to the inability to access patient records.  Therefore, they are seeking compensation for their time rescheduling patients, remediation efforts, staff downtime, and loss in productivity.  The amount Surfside is seeking is unclear.  However, the suit involves 45,000 physician clinics and 180,000 physicians, so we can assume — if the court files in the plaintiff’s favor — it will be a pretty penny.

Allscripts has yet to comment on the filed complaint.

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