9 Little Known YouTube Tips

9 ways to make your YouTube video experiences even better.–PC Pitstop.

9 Little Known YouTube Tips

By Derrik Diener for MakeTechEasier

Everyone knows about YouTube. With hours and hours of video footage uploaded every couple of minutes, there’s no question that it’s one of the biggest websites on the entire Internet. There’s so much content on YouTube that no matter who you are, you’ll find something that meets your taste. There’s something up there for just about everyone.

Along with all of the great content, YouTube also has a lot of great features. Some you might have heard of, but some you probably haven’t. Here’s a list of 9 really useful YouTube features that you probably haven’t heard of.

1. Youtube RSS Feeds

Not a lot of people talk about RSS feeds these days, but those that do – they sure love them. They come in handy. Especially when you take into account that the YouTube front page (as of 2014) is less about subscriptions and more about shoving popular and trending videos down your throat. If you want a real easy way to keep track of all of your subscriptions, consider generating an RSS feed for each person you subscribe to. Do it with ease at this website here.

2. Time Specific video linking

Did you see something hilarious, interesting or perplexing on a particular YouTube video? Did you know that it’s possible to easily share that video as a time-sensitive link to your friends? Just pause it at the right time, right click on it and then click “copy URL at current time”.

3. Video Quality Reporting

It’s hard to believe that in 2015 we still have to deal with Internet Service Providers serving up terrible bandwidth access to customers. If your ISP gives you extreme difficulty with streaming YouTube videos, try YouTube/Google’s video quality reporting tool. It allows you to learn how your current provider handles YouTube video streaming. With this, you’ll also be able to compare your ISP to others in your area (which is handy if you are looking at switching providers).

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