4 Windows Features that Disappeared into the Blue

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4 Windows Features that Disappeared into the Blue

If you elect to upgrade to Windows 8.1 (also known as Windows Blue) you will notice that a few familiar features of the OS have disappeared and are not likely to return.
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Almost everything that Microsoft has released over the years has received criticism. The company has a long-standing reputation of doing controversial things, which runs it the risk of doing things that don’t always make sense. All in all, everything Microsoft did was worth it to many people, who saw a good cost/benefit ratio. However, when Microsoft unveiled Windows 8.1 (a.k.a. Windows “Blue”), tempers started flaring with good reason. It received a lot of bad press. Aside from this, there are also other things I’m sure some people won’t be happy with in Windows 8.1. Depending on who you are, though, these things may be good news.

1: Windows 8.1 Backup No Longer Creates Windows 7-Style Images

This is a bit of a downer, but perhaps not really that bad of an ordeal for those who don’t want to take another look at downgrading their systems to Windows 7. You cannot create the old-style backups that Windows 7 had in its control panel. Microsoft decided to do away with the whole old system. Windows 8.1 still allows you to import Windows 7 images, but it won’t let you create new ones. The new Windows 8 backup utility now dominates.

This might not be horrible news for you, but it just means you’ll have to bear with the learning curve of using Windows 8.1′s backup utility.

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