free online virus scans

3 Online Antivirus Scans

These 3 online anti-virus scans are free.–PC Pitstop.

3 Online Antivirus Scans

By Paul Ferson for MakeTechEasier

Security is always a concern, and with computers storing increasing amounts of information about our digital lives, it pays to be vigilant. There are plenty of articles listing the “best” anti-virus software, but the simple fact of the matter is that all of them could miss something another may not.

What can you do? When there are many, many articles about how running multiple anti-virus programs concurrently can be detrimental to their performance, it is quite clear this is not the solution. However, it is the key to one.

Various websites exist that allow you to upload files and have them scanned through numerous anti-virus programs. Best of all, they’re free to use; if you’ve ever been suspicious of a file or installer, these can be a convenient solution.

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