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Updating From Windows 7 to 10 – Why Should You Do It?

Moving Past Windows 7 — Should You Pull The Trigger?

A few weeks ago, we touched on the idea that Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 updates in 2020.  This led some users into a frenzy about upgrading to Windows 10 and the cost associated with it.  Others were ready to ditch Microsoft altogether, and change to another operating system, like Linux.

Regardless of how you choose to move forward, it is important you understand why keeping Windows 7 on the device may not be the best option.

First, Windows 10 is newer and has security features at its core.  Alternatively, Windows 7 is seven years old.  The technology used to develop this operating system does not emphasize cyber security, and quite frankly is dated.

That being said, there are several users who would rather jump off the Microsoft bandwagon than upgrade to Windows 10.  There are concerns it won’t work on their machines, or certain program’s compatibility with Windows 10.  Additional concerns include the price to upgrade, as well as Microsoft’s spotty history with Windows 10 updates creating massive issues for the user.  All of which are legitimate concerns.

To address some of these concerns, we encourage users to first check the compatibility of their PC to Windows 10 with the compatibility checker offered here.

Second, if the device is compatible users may upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge.

We encourage users to upgrade to Windows 10.  Continuing to run Windows 7 after the patches stop is risky, after all, you’re leaving known security gaps open for hackers to exploit.

To upgrade to Windows 10, free of charge, click here.

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4 thoughts on “Updating From Windows 7 to 10 – Why Should You Do It?”

  1. I have more than 50 programs on my Dell Studio XPS, and I’m using Win 7. If I were to upgrade to Win 10, what assurance is there that all of those programs will migrate and work under Win 10, all of the hundreds of pictures I have will be saved, etc? In other words, what am I at risk of losing, should I decide to upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10?

    1. There is a link within the article where you can use a tool to determine how compatible your device/programs are with Windows 10. This should help identify what may or may not have issues with while upgrading to Windows 10. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. personally i shall continue to use win 7 till it no longer functions then will abandon microsoft all together rather than use windows 10, way too many issues to solve in 10 to make it safe and secure….

  3. How it it that we can still get “Free” Windows 10 upgrades if that was discontinued as i was aware about two years ago or so?

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