Microsoft Patches 50 Vulnerabilities on Patch Tuesday

New Update Resolves 50 Security Vulnerabilities

This week brought the second Tuesday of the month, which is known to some as Patch Tuesday.  On the second Tuesday of every month, Microsoft issues updates to patch any security vulnerabilities found over the last month.  The update that hit this week patched approximately 50 security gaps in programs such as Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash Player, and Edge, to name a few.

The update that has been deemed most critical is tied to Outlook.  In order to exploit the flaw, users must open an infected file within Outlook.  However, this file could be found in an email or a link on an infected website.  Other patches found in IE or Edge could also be exploited by executing malware on an infected website.  It should be noted, there have not been any reports of hackers exploiting these vulnerabilities; however, they may at any time.  Therefore, it is suggested all Windows computers patch their systems by installing the latest Microsoft update.

Although, users must also be aware the Microsoft update does not update all of their programs.  It is important users keep their third-party applications and security solutions updated as well.  We understand it may be an inconvenience to halt what you’re doing to complete an update — but they are incredibly important.  If users leave operating systems, applications, or security solutions unpatched, they’re leaving the backdoor wide open for malicious activity.

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61 thoughts on “Microsoft Patches 50 Vulnerabilities on Patch Tuesday”

  1. Kayla Elliott and other PC Pitstop authors,
    when writing about patches or updates or new version, it would really help if you included the patch/version number in your article.

    “…On the second Tuesday of every month, Microsoft issues updates to patch any security vulnerabilities found over the last month. The update that hit this week patched approximately 50 security gaps …”
    if i wanted to see if Windows automatically applied this patch, how could i tell if i dont have a patch/version number to compare with???

    pls ALWAYS include patch/version number in your articles.

  2. Thank you Pc Pitstop for the notification… unfortunately it came too late to help this time as our HP Pavilion Slimline on Vista O/S had already been affected… On start up it locks into a ‘start repair’ loop that is unable to complete its function which means the machine is currently disabled.
    I have managed to do a diagnostic, all hardware is fine, and the final notification is:-
    Windows\system32\winload.exe Oxc000000f missing or corrupt.
    Boot Manager failed to find OS loader. Error code: Oxc1. Repair failed: Ox2
    DOS is not available nor are any recovery points, including the factory restore feature which on HP Vista is contained in a separate partition on the hard drive…
    Although there was no indication the CMOS battery was at fault, the time/date was functioning correctly when the machine was running previously, and appeared correct in BIOS after the crash, when checked physically, it proved to be completely flat. Replacing the CMOS battery with a new one, and resetting BIOS has not rectified the start up problem, although I have read in other forums that others have been lucky enough to find such action has rectified their problem and machine functionality has returned.
    I have obtained a Recovery for Windows Vista (all versions) Restore Reinstall Disc and hope to be able to reinstate the pc to its previous condition after making a full back up… if that fails then we will have to bite the bullet and it will have to be a clean install. Good luck to all… thanks again PC PItstop for the info.
    Now I know the cause of this horrific state of affairs… it’s FU Microsoft…!

    1. @Don-caster: Update to my previous… I spent ages reading through so many forums about this computer disaster that my brain was almost overloaded. The common consensus of those with a Vista O/S who had been affected (as some had experienced,) was that any attempt to activate the Factory Installed Image on the hard drive could well lead to disastrous consequences, the FII could show as not being located and further or later investigation then revealed the FII, Hard Drive Partition and all work therein had been corrupted or simply had ceased to exist.
      I engaged the services of a professional ‘techie’ who has had recent experience of this malade.
      He ignored the so called FII and it took 8 hours to retrieve all work, make repairs to the O/S then reload everything. The pc is once again fully functioning.
      The only thing that had to be changed was the AV, suddenly Kaperski will not reinstall, which is a pity but could well be in line with Microsoft’s latest claim that the upheaval was down to third party a/v software affecting their update… Who knows what the truth is behind it all…?
      My laptop runs on XPsp3 and for the past couple of years I have used Rising A.V which is cloud based and light to run. It’s now also installed ok on my pc… A huge thanks to the extremely proficient ‘techie’ and it’s back to work…

      1. After Patch Tuesday my computer with Windows 10 OS no longer has drivers for my USB ports. Can’t use my Logitech Mouse and Keyboard now. My Registry is corrupted and I don’t know how to fix. I’m don’t have advanced computer savvy!

  3. My HP DV6 does not recognize my Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard as now the USB driver is gone and Windows update for Logitech USB Input Device gives me an error code 0x80070002 when I try to update it in PC Settings???? This all happened after the Windows Update.

    1. @Mike M:


      Try to locate a wired keyboard and mouse from an old desktop. Most of these use generic drivers and that may restore some functionality to your system. If there is no immediate result after you plug them in then reboot the system and your PC should recognize the wired devices and install them. I have had similar issues with wireless devices in the past and I always keep my old desktop wired mouse and KB around for such contingencies.

      1. Starting back on 9 February, Microsoft started their B.S. with fix for the intel/ amd chips. I ended up shut down tight. managed to get to where could do a restore and used that date to get back on. than about the 18th, they got me again. could not even get to any thing past the date/ time/ day of week screen. spent over 4 hours on with dell to get it fixed. than yet again on the 20th and another 4 hours on with dell doing a complete OS restore and now all the nightmares with my files screwed up any which way but loose.
        Microsoft needs a good class action law suit to shape them up. they have NEVER given a tinkers’ damn about the average customer, but for sure jack us for an arm and a leg.

        @Mike M: @Bob:

        1. Same thing. Tried generic and they still were not recognized. had to do a refresh and redownload programs. At least I didn’t loose any other data. Still a PAIN IN THE TUCHUS!

  4. Some of the latest MS updates may be related to the Spectre/Meltdown Intel processor vulnerability uncovered late last fall. As I recall, the first batch of fixes were software-based, and they required the antivirus (AV) vendors to update their products before the fixes could be installed. I also believe the end-user PCs were required to have only one active AV product installed on each computer. According to the web, the second round of fixes–including firmware updates–were due out this month. I mention this because one of the four updates for my Windows 8.1 PC was KB 4074594, which “includes improvements and fixes that were a part of update KB4057401 (released January 17, 2018)… because of an issue that affects some versions of antivirus software….” I only offer this for consideration as I have no evidence that it in any way is related to the Spectre/Meltdown issue or to the myriad of problems being reported on this site. Please note that the KB just cited ONLY applies to Windows 8.1.

  5. Me to!! Windows 10 updates caused me grief for several months now. They change my desk top severely. The Tuesday updates locked up my computer so bad it can’t be easily repaired for less than $200. I decided to buy a new computer for $400. Thanks for NOTHING Microsoft!!

    1. @Roswell Brown:
      After the major update “Microsoft” supposedly reinstalled windows 10 since it could not repair my computer?
      Error msg was “boot record” in update.
      I dumped 10 on the other computer and reinstalled 7 Pro after wiping the partition. It is faster than 10???????
      their is a cookie problem on 10 if you use search to go to a web site U need to keep private (my hospital) which sends me my results of tests and appointments.

  6. My Dell computer was not recognizing my mouse this morning? After being on the phone all morning with Dell the issue was not resolved. Now they want me to ship the desktop to them for repairs? Is that really necessary? Help?

  7. I have had Wind(blows)ows updates that contained viruses. Has anyone else had the same problem?

    I also had to reset my HP Envy and an older ACER computer after the updates (I prefer to call them crashdates).

    It appears that Microsoft does not care about its costumers. How about an anti-trust lawsuit!

    1. @Dave: Almost every time they put out a “patch” my HP Envy locks up with a blue screen and the statement Autoupdate Repair or something like that and no matter what I do I can not get it to unlock. I had to send it to my computer technician, who kept it for a week and said it was fixed at a cost of approximately $100.00. Used it 5 times and it did it again. Sent it back and 4-5 days later it was returned. Locked up again and now the computer guy has had it for over a week and no word as to when I will get it back.

  8. Mouse and keyboard packed up on my PC and my laptop refuses to recognise password.
    Thanks Microsoft now have repair bill for two machines

    1. @Alan: After MS Update, my HP PC is broken, again. This time, keyboard and mouse are not recognized by computer and therefore can not do windows logon or anything. Stuck on wall paper screen. What to do?

  9. I have microsoft issues. They were Configuring Windows Updates Do not turn off your computer. Then
    Failure configuring Windows update/Reverting changes/do not turn off your computer. Sometimes taking
    10 minutes for my computer to come back on. Today my HP Pavillion with Intel came up normally. Hopefully
    it fixed mine, but it looked like the problem was fixed before and was not.

    1. @Janice:
      I had the same problem…I ended up restoring my computer to previous date…when it was working better. It didn’t work…so I left the premise…let it do its thing…and went to bed. Now I’m afraid to allow Windows to up date. I’ll try again later to see if it’s going to obey…:)

  10. What a disaster this past Tuesday’s update has become! Both my desktop and my tablet were rendered inoperable. I reset my tablet as I had only four programs to reinstall. My desktop, however, is a very different story! I am disabled and unable to get out very much. My life seems to quite literally be on that computer. When I start my computer, I end up at a blue screen that states, “Your PC did not start correctly”. I’ve tried using a restore point, restarted my computer a hundred times, etc. It continues to go back to that dreaded blue screen. What can I do? Do I need to reset and attempt to reload all of my editing software on top of my printers, wireless system, etc? I am sick just thinking about it. Is there anything Microsoft will be doing to correct this? I cannot afford to bring my computer in for repair. I can’t work. Now my main connection to the outside world is gone. Please, any fixes/suggestions?

    1. I got the dreaded “your computer did not start successfully” blue screen on two computers a couple of weeks ago. Like you I tried several restore points and other operations with no success. Finally I took both computers to the repair store. One of the had to go two times. The final solution was to delete all applications, and reinstall windows 10. Then I had to re-install all of my applications which took hours. After getting things up and running I was able to restore all of my document and data files. I have since turned windows update off until they fix the problem with the updates crashing your system. To put it mildly I was not a happy computerer!!!

      1. ‘t @Homer: I have been getting the (audio) “Your computer has received a network virus. Please call the Microsoft support number at !800********. Do not try to restart the computer till you call this number.” Paraphrasing. Then I got the dreaded “your computer did not restart correctly”. I was able to backup files, then restore the os(Win10), but found that the backed up files were not a recognized file structure and lost all my docs and pics. Funny, PCMatic was said to be running in Win8 compatibility. Don’t know what kind of problem that could cause?

      2. @Homer: I am with you Homer, I have had my HP Envy in the shop 3 times and paid out over $100.00 and the problem still isn’t fixed. At least I think it isn’t fixed, computer technician and had it for over a week this time and not sure when I will get it back!!

      1. @Bryan:
        My operating CD is for Windows 8.1. I was “updated for free” a couple of months after I purchased the computer. (It doesn’t feel free now!). Can I go back to 8.1? At least my computer worked!
        Damned Microsoft!

  11. Very wary of bloody MS updates. This company does not care for its consumers and should be held accountable – maybe we could find a lawyer to commence a class action against them for all the damage they do by not adequately testing updates before releasing them to their unsuspecting customers.

    Recent update on my 2 month old HP notebook caused endless heartache and unnecessary expense. After update, programs stopped responding and on reboot got a dreaded blue screen advising the “Boot device not found”

  12. Latest Microsoft updates have thrashed my primary desktop machine twice in the past two weeks. I’ve now spent 3 days trying to reset and save personal files, without success.

    I love Linux – crowd-sourced solutions from people who actually know what they are doing. Unlike Microsoft’s products …

  13. This patch stabbed my laptop – the wireless mouse stopped working, the touchscreen stopped working, the touchpad stopped working and all of the URL links on my desktop stopped working. Restoring to before the update fixed everything but the URL links – something Microsoft is NOTORIOUS for breaking. Oh, and Internet Explorer replaced Google Chrome as my browser. Tell me that was an accident and I’ll tell you to pull your head out. I permanently disabled all Windows Updates until they fix this.

    1. @Mark: Interesting because I had the same problem. I just had to reinstall Windows 10 and all other software including PCMatic this past weekend and a few days of data of mine in the process. I could not get a past restore point to work correctly. It was the second system rebuild I had to do in the past few weeks after never having had to do one in the past 20 years or so! Both seemed caused by automatic Windows updates which I have now turned off. Not a happy Windows user at this point!

      1. @Ramon:

        In Cortana > Search “Services.msc” > Double click on “Windows Update” in the list > In the “Windows Update Properties” window, click “Disabled” > Hit Apply and Ok.

  14. I retired and not very computer savy and this is the 2nd time I’ve had masive problems with MS updates. With Jan. updates I ended up having to reset my computer and reinstall several programs. I had one that was a free download from Quicken that was just a check book register that I loved, but I guess they don’t offer it anymore ’cause I can’t find it anywhere. It was simple to use and had great features and I am sick! I did set up an Excel spreadsheet and had to manually enter all my info. It was a big pain and took forever. It took me a little over 2 days to get back set up. On this last update, I too lost the mouse and keyboard. I couldn’t do anything! I work at home and need my computer and ended up going out and buying a new computer which I can’t really afford. I’ve downloaded my backup and reinstalled programs such as Adobe, PC Matic, Office, etc. I’m now afraid to install any updates from MS at all. Can PC Pitstop help in any way to determin which updates are problem free or not?

  15. This is the second time I have had problems with my older HP Pavillion as a result of an MS update. (My new HP PC works great – no problem.)

    The fist time I had the same problem as Charles wrote to you so I called Norton in January and asked why my Security Program disappeared . They re-downloaded it an on the Restart it began acting up. Four days ago I read that the MS fix screwed up a small percentage of Intel users and I believe I was one of them.

    I brought it to Best Buy and they told me it was ‘dead’. I did not think it was so I brought it home but something told me it was not ‘dead’ . I turned it on for several days in a row and nothing. Then one day I got the HP screen and the Window pic (but it stayed that way). I kept turning i on and about a week later WA-LA it started up again and, after several times, it gradually came back to life for some crazy unknown reason. It happened again yesterday on the older laptop aNd AGAIN IT WAS ON A ON A RESTART. MS better shape up with these fixes!!!

  16. so how do I get my pc “50” microsoft” issues fixed. I am 78, have not a clue as to how to know my ps is to get the microsoft 50 fixes???? Any one can help a USAF disabled old vet make sure I am a Pitstop customer that gets a fix?? sorry but I am a very “late comer” into high tech stuff..I still have a 1949 Dick Tracy crystal radio wrist gizmo I ain’t figured out how it works!! got it with 4-6 cherios box tops..I ate the cherios but never did make that dang thang work.. peas email me with instructions on how to download the “50 fixes”

    Thanks y’all

    Bruce Nelson
    Banner Elk, NC 28604

  17. My Windows 10 Home Edition, build 1709, OS Build 16299.192 on an HP ENVY hardware fails to restart after • 2018-02 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1709 for x64-based Systems (KB4074588) patch is applied, I have used restore point to recover but since patches are forced in it keep recurring. Any ideas to resolve this?

    1. @Brian Haase: The same thing happened to me – on THREE Win 10 computers. I was unable to use a Restore point and had to reinstall windows on the three computers. Lost all my programs/apps but not my data What a pain in the butt!

  18. What I sent to the MS team (not to you guys at PCPITSTOP – you guys are great!) …….Thanks to your system update on Tuesday, OS did not recognize my keyboard or mouse. I tried using several others and in different ports with no luck. Even tried using old PS2 mouse and keyboard. No luck. Your update basically caused all of my input ports to be deactivated. In the end I had to reset my system. Thankfully I have a backup for the majority. But it is still a pain in the tuchus to have to redownload all of my programs and setup everything again. Thank you for making something that shouldn’t interfere with daily functions a royal pain in the ash. This is NOT the first time this has happened to me or to others, and it appears your team really doesn’t give a rat’s ash either. If you did, you’d ensure YOUR product wasn’t defective everytime there is a major update!

    1. You my friend are absolutely right. I updated all my computer’s to Windows 10 because we were told it would be wonderful. Guess what every computer crashed after every major update installed. I had to uninstall window s 10 on two of them( running 8.1 on two of them now). Thanks Microsof!

  19. Tuesday I was instructed byand rebuild my entire laptop an update to hit restart to upload my new updates. I hit restart and that was it my laptop would not restart error error and so on I ended up having to reset my system

  20. Wednesday my anti-virus was turned off. I have your (PC-Matic Sheld) Do you think this update caused this? I didn’t have time to address this as of yet. Your opinion is appreciated.

    1. Hi Charles, An update should not have shut off your antivirus, unless you have another security solution running — which may have disabled PC Matic. If your still experiencing issues, please reach out to our support team at

      1. @Kayla Elliott:

        By example I do expect business people to adhere to ‘proper’ English.

        Quote: ‘If your still experiencing issues, please reach out….’

        You’re, or you are, please!!!!

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