HP Issues Lithium Ion Battery Recall — Again

HP Recalls Embedded Lithium Batteries

HP has begun recalling embedded lithium ion (Li-Ion) batteries in 11 different models of PCs.  The recall comes almost one year after the first HP Li-Ion battery recall.  HP, and other manufactures started embedding the batteries within the device, in an attempt to increase security measures.  Unfortunately, that did not work.  The threat of overheating, leading to fires is still present, which is exactly why HP is recalling these batteries.  Although, since they are embedded within the device, the company has to send technicians to the customer’s site to replace the battery.

CRN states,

“HP is working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on the recall. Nash said the company is not disclosing details about the incidents that prompted the recall.”

The exact number of impacted devices is unknown.  HP did report it approximately .1% of their sales from December of 2015 to December of 2017 have been affected.  The models with the recalled batteries include:

  • HP ProBook 64x (G2 and G3)
  • HP ProBook 65x (G2 and G3)
  • HP x360 310 G2
  • HP Envy m6
  • HP Pavilion x360
  • HP 11 notebook
  • HP ZBook (17 G3, 17 G4 and Studio G3) mobile workstations

Ongoing Dangers of Lithium Batteries

In 2006, PC Pitstop conducted a test regarding the safety hazard of Li-ion batteries overheating, causing fires.  See the video below.

In 2013, the company followed up on this risk, hoping something had been done to increase the security measures.  Unfortunately, the safety of these batteries had not been enhanced.  Over the last five years, Li-ion batteries have been repeatedly making the news for their fire and explosion risks.  Several computer companies have issued recalls and public statements regarding the risk of Li-ion batteries.  These companies include SonyLenovo, Toshiba, and as mentioned at the start of this article, HP.

These issues have raised red flags in the airline industry as well.  In October, the Chicago Tribune reported on the concerns of Li-ion batteries being stowed away in checked luggage, stating

“…when a laptop’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery overheats in close proximity to an aerosol spray can, it can cause an explosion capable of disabling an airliner’s fire suppression system. The fire could then rage unchecked, leading to the loss of the aircraft.”

Beyond computers, concerns have been raised for cellphone manufacturers as well.  Most recently, Samsung recalled the Note 7 for safety issues with the Li-ion battery exploding.  This led to the Samsung Note 7 also being banned on flights.

Li-Ion batteries have also created issues in the automobile industry.  Last year, the Daily Mail released a video of firefighters struggling to extinguish a fire within the Tesla Model S after a teen crashed the car into a cement wall.  Firefighters struggled to put out the blaze after toxic fumes emerged from the burning Li-ion battery.  In order to stop the fire, the crew had to cool the battery and cut the energy supply.

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2 thoughts on “HP Issues Lithium Ion Battery Recall — Again”

  1. I have an HP computer that is a shoddy made piece of crap. It’s key board fell apart about the time the warranty expired and the $85 plus labor replacement keyboard also fell apart in about the same time. After complaining to a computer geek, on his advice, I bought a $10 plug in keyboard from Big Lots which is still working after two years. IT doesn’t surprise me that HP Computers have an exploding battery in them. Aren’t HP’s computers made in China? Aren’t they the people who put poison in our pet food and lead in small children’s toys ? You can thank the Clinton’s for all this crap that is being unloaded in the USA. Bill Clinton facilitated the transfer of our manufacturing base to his and Hillary’s beloved Chairman Mao’s Communist China by giving China “Most Favored Nation Status which allowed China to dump it’s cheap slave labor made goods in this country tariff free. Remember the 1960’s when they were waving Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book as if it was their Bible? Bill Clinton propped up Chairman Mao’s Communism after Communism went Belly up in the USSR by undermining the US Capitalist system by giving China an unfair competitive edge. His aim was to prove that Communism was superior to Capitalism. Anyone is a fool not to suspect that every item made in China is not designed to either spy on what we are doing or to cause harm to the users.

    1. @Myers: All very true! Something everyone should read & heed. IBM was once the USA’s leading computer guru. Now the IBM computers have been reduced to Lenovas own by the Chinese. IBM sold it’s entire PC business and support to the communist. Sad

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