Tech Support Fraudsters Now Targeting Online Daters

Tech Support Scam Target Plenty of Fish Users

A newly found tech support scam puts a different twist on the traditional technical support hoax.  Instead of the hackers claiming to be from Microsoft or Apple, the website clearly portrays a customer support service for the dating site, Plenty of Fish.  However, those who fall for this scam will quickly realize this is pretty similar to the traditional tech support scam.  The hackers will request access to your computer, so they can “troubleshoot” the issue.  Of course, “issues” will be found that they have to fix which will result in a hefty fee for the user.

Instead of using falsified websites, which are not associated with the company whatsoever, users are encouraged to go to the original Plenty of Fish website and click the “Help” link near the “Sign In” option.

The same strategy should be implemented for users on all websites.  Help desks and support options can always be found on major websites.  Therefore, users are encouraged to visit the company page and seek help from there, instead of doing a search for support.  Often times hackers will create fake webpages to show up in the search, like what is happening for Plenty of Fish.  If the authenticity of the website is ever in question, it is best to not use it.  Trust your instincts!


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