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Windows Update Leaves Customers With Major Errors

Windows Update Leaves Customers with Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

Microsoft released a Windows update on October 10, 2017 for their Windows 10 operating system (OS).  Updates are conducted with the purpose of enhancing the OS.  These changes may be for security purposes and/or performance.  However, this update created more issues for users than enhancements.  The update for Windows 10 version 1703 (KB4041676) and version 1607 (KB4041691), and Windows Server 2016 (KB4041691) for WSUS/SCCM managed devices left users with a BSoD after rebooting their computers, leaving pending reboot issues.  

For those who have experienced issues, PC Matic encourages users to do the following:

If issues persist, or if users need assistance with the uninstallation and reinstallation of SuperShield, they may reach our support team at

If you’re not a PC Matic subscriber, follow these steps to fix the BSoD issues triggered by the Windows 10 update:

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105 thoughts on “Windows Update Leaves Customers With Major Errors”

  1. I have 3 different make and models computers. I am in an enless boot screens tried restore it works for a while than it happens again to the point were restore does not work then I have to do factory reset. The only thing in common with them or Windows 10 and PC Matic. I am stopping PC matic to see this this stops happening. I had the for 2 years but not with windows 10. Is any one seening this it started Jan 20 2018

  2. I had the usual issues, thankfully it was the wife’s computer and some poor tech from her company has to fix it remotely. I run several computers, from win xp to win 7, and throw a mac in there too. I have always being very judicious about updates, and usually research them before applying them. except the mac of course, never had an issue! Ironically I have found that a well maintained old computer with old OS, often out performs a modern box with the latest OS. Just a thought

    1. @gareth: I am so glad I bought an Apple Mac-MINI. Windows 10 left me with an empty PC and I’d had nothing but major issues ever since I had it installed.

      1. I have had a multitude of probs since the update. One strange thing has occurred. The Global Speedtester, OOkla shows my speed has dropped from 90 to 100mbps down to 23 to 30mbps. I tested the speed using a Chromebook and it registered the download speed at 92mbps which is where is has been for a few yrs now.
        So the MS update has installed something on my computers that is interfering with the download speedtest.

        I uninstalled the last update but it was automatically reinstalled within a few hours.
        My wife has an Apple iPod and it is working just fine. Apple is looking better all the time. A bit more expensive but at least their updates don’t mess up the devices even with their spyware 🙂

  3. So… An update. I Really did have an issue. Turns out to be a bed hard drive. Just unfortunate timing. Was able to reload W10, get with Dell for a diagnostics DL. Yup hard drive is done. So I’ll have to revisit the issue in a few days after a new drive is in place. Good day all.

    1. @John: I replaced my hard drive as well. Once all the installs and updates from MS Win 10 including the latest update; I still had a multitude of problems as I had before replacing the hard drive.
      Will be interesting to find out if replacing your hard drive had similar results after fully reloaded.

    1. I have a Lenovo X220 laptop which had Windows 10 on it when I bought it. Four days ago it updated to version 1709 and I have had zero problems. I am not in any way shape or form a computer expert I would say that I am just above novice when it comes to computers so when I read about the problems some are having with their updates and then blaming Microsoft I begin to wonder if they know what they are doing or talking about when they should look at themselves and or their computers.

    2. I have had problems to no end since the last update. I have two older Dell Laptops. I say older: 7 yrs and 5yrs. Old by computer standards. Both running Win10 home.
      I am wandering if the problem with the lastest update is that it has code/features that are not compatible with older computers or maybe even the make of the computer. My Dell 1750 Laptop tested that it was not compatible with Windows 10 but it was forced onto it anyway. I was quite happy with Win7. I had adapted to working with Win 10 since I had no choice with the Windows OS, even with a few difficulties with compatiblity and older programs. But it did what I needed to do. Now, with this latest update; I have had problems, the computer has slowed to dial up speed, it hesitates when I am typing or scrolling, the screen freezes periodically. I just installed a new hard drive a few weeks past and it was working fine. Now, it has beome a real headache trying to work with it and get anything done in a timely manner. I have had to cold boot it several times as it froze and wouldn’t restart. Why can’t MS leave well enough alone. They aren’t gaining more customers. They ticking a lot of ppl off who, like me, are thinking of switching to Apple or loading Linux on my computers. I have an old Dell desktop that I installed Linux on and it works just fine. It has a small hard drive so I use it to check emails and surf the net to read. MS has shot themselves in the foot with this horrendous and problematic update. They won’t be gaining customers, they will be losing them.

  4. My PC updated fine with the last update. I have Windows Pro 64 Bit that was upgraded from Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit. I don’t know if that has made a difference or not. Now I can delay my updates, but I don’t I simply let MS do its thing. In the beginning when you could upgrade to Windows 10 in July 2015 – I HATED Windows 10 Pro and went back to Win 7 Pro. Around late Sept 2015, I tried to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, again – I still HATED it and went back to Windows 7 Pro again!!! Finally, after reading all of the positive things about the November 2015 update, correcting lots of issues – In January 2016 I decided to give Windows 10 Pro ONE more chance. This time it worked and I now LOVE Windows 10 Pro!!!

  5. Tired of Update problems


    I cripped auto updates (AGAIN since it magically reinstated itself) from that point on.
    It was not just Win 10, but Win 7 on some systems as well- from my experience of clients and personal experience. Same period of time too- mine manifested on Friday 13th, but it could be b/c I had not used that system for a day or two. Can not recall.

    I figured it was their stupid update. Once I restored to a previous point, all was fine.

    1. @Tired of Update problems:
      Fortunate ! Restore would not work for ME, had to do a complete back up and reset to regain start up capability so have to reinstall apps , start over with auto fill, etc..
      Microsoft should be held liable for this crappie, especially since it isn’t the first time !

    1. Hankmiester, I installed your anti-virus software last year in my new HP laptop running Windows 10. After that I was never able to get an update from Microsoft and my new laptop had to be factory reset. Got rid of the PC Matic software and my laptop runs great ever since. So as far as I’m concerned it’s your software and not Microsoft that’s the problem.
      I am running your software on my Windows 7 machine with no problems. Probably will not renew my subscription early next year when it [email protected]joe:

    1. @Paul:
      Did they tell you what the problem was? Was it a laptop or desktop?
      Might have gotten fleeced as a lot of the white outs from the early days on Win10 were graphics driver issues because the drivers that windows supplies are not the same as those you get from Nvidia,Amd,Intel etc.
      If you ever experience a white screen again then try reboot windows into safe mode to see if you can log in.
      Or you can try the windows 10 built in recovery system from the boot menu.

      1. @Richard: I had some kind of trouble booting up recently; I don’t remember all the details but it was scary. Fortunately, I have my laptop set to boot from USB, so I plugged in my flashdrive with the operating system image on it and did a roll back to a happier time (What do you call it?).

          1. @Lawrence Foltzer: PCs are supposed to help us increase productivity, etc. , etc.
            Seems Microsoft forgot that!

            I think its time for a net PC (for everyone) and a new network to boot. Unfortunately, with a published instruction set there is nowhere to hide.

            I suggest building a machine that only runs programs out of ROM. Buy programs once (and forever).

            I think Mr. Microsoft is guilty of extortion. Whenever his piggy-bank gets low, he releases a new (partially) operating system designed to make his former programs obsolete so you can buy
            new software with a new set of bugs!

  6. @ Everyone with the 83% install issue.
    Be patient. I fixed a lot of pc’s in the past with this issue and it was all down to just waiting.
    It usually happens with older systems upgrading to windows 8 or 10. Everything starts out fast and furious and then reaches 80-85% and just stalls. sometimes for a few minutes and others for a few hours.
    Most issues then occur because people turn off the machines or restart which can cause you to loose data in the process or totally tank the installation.
    Most unattended installs are in-place installs. ie, it keeps your data and old windows install as a backup and can be undone if needed.
    The Other Install is a clean slate install. You loose everything. This MUST be manually confirmed by the user. Example: Windows Xp and Vista must be a clean install. Windows 7,8 and 8.1 can be done in-place (although clean install is recommended)
    Not saying this is a cause but it seems that a lot of those effected by the bad installs had pcmatic installed prior to this. I’m just pointing this out. Maybe uninstall prior to updates and re-install afterwards on effected systems.

  7. This was a mess. Even with a new download of Windows 10 after the 10th, a similar dreaded BSoD appeared. When we were finally able to get past this, we were notified about a conflict with SuperShield which would not allow the download of the Windows 10 and MS Office. We turned off SuperShield and proceeded without a problem. We have not turned on SuperShield again, not knowing what might happen.

    1. Please reach out to our support team at With SuperShield turned off, you’re not getting our application whitelist protection. Our technicians will be able to determine the issue, as well as get SuperShield back on without issue.

  8. Windows 7 was also affected. I had to work hard to install the updates one at a time with several crashes, but got by it. Not the first time that Microsoft as dumped updates without adequate acceptance testing before release. I really sympathize with those who are not familiar enough with operating systems to know how to work around problems. By the way your newsletters (and ads, oddly) are as informative as eweek/security – keep it up.

  9. I had these issues and I didn’t realize they were related to the Windows Update. I ended up with days of computer-related issues because of it and I lost of lot of work time dealing with it. Thank you for letting me know the source of the problem – I have a little more confidence in my laptop now – at least there’s an explanation!!!

  10. Updating Windows 10 using Creator’s was seamless. I was quite apprehensive about doing so as I had major problems when updating using the Anniversary Update, I ‘bit the bullet’ and updated. Thoroughly recommended.

  11. Had no choice! It said update now or later…but it would update regardless!Had to re-load entire windows 10. Lost everything in the process. On my desk top I woke up one morning and found MS replaces my Windows7 with Windows 19…overnight…no permission asked! MS is responsible and should be prosecuted for the offense! How do you find remedy against the company giant or just accept a shoulder shrug? Are there other OS’s out there one could use instead of MS?
    signed…Boiling mad!

      1. As shucks! I was hoping there was a surprise update that jumped a few years into the future. No Windows 19?? I’m heartbroken…

  12. On 10/21/17 my Windows 10 Lenovo X220 laptop ungraded from Windows version 1703 to version 1709 and I have not had any problems at all, my laptop runs as good if not better than it did before the upgrade.

  13. I haven’t had any problems as some have described. I have Windowns 10 installed on my laptop and desktop. I like it.

  14. Christine Cassello

    I did not have that problem or any other major ones. I only noticed that apps do not work well and new tabs are often slow or not working, but restarting generally solves that or I try again later or the next day and it is better.

  15. I now do literally, everything on my android phone. I only use my win10 laptop for writing large docs.
    Going from Android to MS, is like going from a bullet train, to a stagecoach!
    Windows 10 needs to go away…

  16. James P. Crothers

    After hearing about the problems with the update I turned off the automatic updates to no avail, MS downloaded automatically, I still haven’t installed the update, and don’t intend to. But how do I go about getting rid of MS asking to install every day? Small price to pay I guess. I have an old Toshiba laptop, 7 years now sill runs pretty fast. Oh well, I should back it up and let it happen I guess…

  17. Steve Pruszynski

    I will not install Windows 10 1703 or 1709. Both cause problems. My wife’s computer is an older Gateway with an I3, plenty of memory and plenty of disk space. 1703 got downloaded to her machine and would install to 83% and then freeze. I used the troubleshooter tool and it found several problems. I then decided since 1709 is now available lets go for 1709. I disconnected everything from the computer except the Internet, keyboard, mouse, display, disabled the firewall, and shutdown the antivirus. After the Troubleshooting Tool fixed some of the errors, I used the assistant to try and load 1709. Things were going very well and several malfunctions that were happening before it reached 83% previously were fixed. I was starting to believe it was going to work. However when it got 83%, it froze up again. I’m done. 4 hours wasted, several times. There is nothing else I can do. I suspect in the Gateway’s case there is something going on with the new OS and the display card as I saw some strange behavior with the screen at a few steps of the install. She has a good working copy of 1607 as also does my Toshiba Laptop. Luckily the system recovered to the previous version without a hitch. Why tempt faith. NO way, absolutely not, no to 1703 and 1709. I do not need the frustration. Both internet connections are set to metered in hope we can fend off the nonsense. Maybe its time to take a hard look at Linux. I guess now I know why 10 is free.

  18. I had the update problem after I tried everything I knew, I used the PCMatic tool that is used to make your computer run faster, etc. I ran the scan twice like is recommended and it cleared all the problems I had or at least the ones I know about. Good job PCMATIC!

  19. I have used Windows 10 since day one when I upgraded from Windows 8 on a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. I now have the Lenovo and two surface machines on Windows 10. Every update has gone smoothly without incident including latest Creators. Personally I am delighted with Windows 10, it is far and above the best Microsoft effort yet.

  20. I wasn’t lucky enough to find out how to fix my issue, after this MS blunder. I’ve purposely kept my laptop on Windows 7, because I like it better than 10; however, I ended up taking my laptop to the Best Buy Geek Squad. They advised me ALL FILES WERE LOST and it cost me $99 to get back up, with a Windows 10 load. Like it or not, I’m now forced to use Windows 10.

  21. This update problem keeps happening to some, but not others, and when it does, far too often the result is a disaster. Anyone have an idea as to why some and not others?

  22. I have lost all faith in MICROSOFT updates. These thing hosed my MICROSOFT 2012 R2 server. I do not update anymore. I think MICROSOFT has farmed updates out to a third party company.

    1. The current Microsoft CEO is from India. I suspect that is where much of their programming occurs. I KNOW that is where the support group is located (from terrible personal experiences).

    1. No problem here. Just updated 3 machines running Windows 10 pro and not a single problem. all have 32gb memory and 4 tb drives.

  23. I am still using Windows XP. Since all of them are OEM versions, I still get periodic ‘updates’ from Microsoft because of the OEM moniker.
    Funny., Since MS theoretically abandoned XP (except for OEM builds), I have been having fewer problems than when MS was ‘active’ with XP ‘upgrades’. I’m sure the old XP systems will eventually go, and am considering going Linux. I hope PC Matic brings out a product for Linux OS’s.

    1. @David:
      I have updated with each new Windows version. XP was OK, but W7 was better (a LOT better).

      Then came W8 when MS tried to make all our computers look and act like tablets. It was disgusting, but fortunately there was the 3rd party Start8 application that restored a usable user interface again and actually revealed that, under the hood, W8 was actually a quite good OS.

      Then, skipping W9, W10 came out, and after a few relatively minor growing pains, became the best Windows OS version ever. That is my experience.

    2. @David: I’ve been using Ubuntu since version Ubuntu 8.04 LTS – Hardy Heron (2008), when I dual-booted my Windows XP HP Pavilion which I bought in 2005. It’s come a long way since then, and I’ve had the odd problem which has caused me to back up all my documents and re-install the latest version, but no virus problems in any way, and re-installing is no big issue when you know that you don’t have to pay anything!.. Just so much easier and faster to use than MS Windows. I dual-boot any PC or laptop which fall into my hands, usually with Windows 7 and either Ubuntu or Mint. I admit that there are still some tasks which MS Windows performs easier than with Ubuntu or Mint – such as formatting SD cards. Here, I’m using a second-hand HP XW4600 workstation with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

  24. Windows 10 May update fried my computer and 3 hard drives files were gone. C drive was and still is inaccessible. I have too many valuable files on that drive to reformat it. Anyone know how to recover that hard drive?

    1. @Steve C.: Easy, well usually works well and has for me. If you remove your hard drive and put it in a hard drive enclosure you can connect the hard drive with a USB connection to a working PC and searching for the files (which should still be in good order) transfer them to a thumb drive for saving them and when you get your PC running again just transfer them over to the now working PC. Some can be had at Amazon and other places. Here is a link to some on Amazon. I have done this twice due to laptops which will not reboot being introduced to damage or water which will not reboot. If the OS is in a situation that will not start the computer your files should all be there, photos and all.

      1. @Kenny Tower: It also helps (as I have found) if the computer to which you connect the hard-drive cradle is running Linux, as this seems more powerful in looking into the faulty Windows system, and, as you say, if the file structure can be seen, the documents can be transferred to a USB drive. Also, before removing the stuck hard drive, try booting the the PC with Linux Mint on a USB stick or DVD. If that can ‘see’ into the Windows drive, Mint is better at transferring some otherwise locked files off the faulty Windows drive as Mint has the option to ‘open as administrator’. Ubuntu doesn’t have that option ‘out-of-the-box’ but it can be installed

    2. @Steve C.: Have you tried installing it on different PC as a slave drive? Be sure to re-set the jumpers as slave or cable select and put it on your secondary ribbon. You should be able to retrieve your files and save them to removable media and then format the drive and reinstall the OS. You should always have an external Hard Drive for daily automatic backup. It’s not bullet proof but it’s the next best thing. Good Luck.

      1. @Tom: The new computer an Acer while having two HD slots only has connectors for one. I asked Acer about it and they pretty much said tough luck. I know I’ll never buy another Acer PC.

        1. @Steve C.: Is there not at least a spare SATA port? If you can get your hands on a couple or two or three scrap PC power supplies, you can get a few SATA and Molex power connectors off those. In the old HP desktop on my workbench today, I’ve even had to use a 4-connector length cut off one of those ‘chocolate-block’ connection strips because I’ve put extra parts into it! SATA data cables can be bought here in the NW of England from Maplin or Scan Computers or if there are no nearby shops, e-Bay or Amazon. In the desktop, I’ve used up the four SATA ports by fitting another hard-drive for Linux and a third hard-drive (formatted NTFS) for Windows and Linux backup. And I’ve needed to fit a power connector for a PCIe USB 3 card (so it now has two USB 3 connectors on the back) and a power connector for an extra PCIe-slot fan above the new graphics card ‘cos that was overheating! Anything is possible!

  25. These Microsoft updates can affect some of my programs that need to be tweaked again to run smoothly. I am not a techie so i fumble around when MS messes with my pc with updates. I always use plenty of external hard drives to hold my files and make backups of all the Documents, and uploads etc to external hard drives. I get those $50.00 SS hard drives with 120GB total capacity on sale from Frys electronics and use those for my C: Hard drive and make “clones” using one of the free cloning programs. When a hard drive gets messed up with issues with MS up dates i pull the hard drive and put in a clean clone and give it another go around. This is time consuming but i like to play around with it so this is of course not a good approach for those who just want their systems to work well with out having to spend lots of time with it. My wife is about to leave me because she does not like all the wires and open pc cabinets on the floors lol. If she cannot handle it then guess i treat her like a “clone” and get another one. LOL

  26. windows 10 is the worst product Microsoft ever put out
    1. It was a mandatory download with no other options
    2. It try’s to make you use its programs i.e. Its browser, its Photoshop, its weather program, its music program, its version of Microsoft word, and I still can’t upload pictures from my Android cell phone. When it installed all of Microsofts older programs were useless. I had to go to the New Microsoft store and download all the apps that were close or similar to the older programs. When the apps were installed they could not convert the old information into the new information. I lost all pictures, documents, music, I mean everything. I hate windows 10, this happened maybe 3 years ago, I still to this day have problems with up loading pictures from my Android cell phone. I have had to access Verizon for a special download for the Android phone which still doesn’t work. Windows 10 try’s to force you to use Microsoft Edge by making your old browser shut down or just spin and spin when trying to open a web page. Microsoft Edge wants you to use Yahoo or Google Chrome I don’t trust either of those browsers. All of a sudden I have advertisements all over the place. They say you can block the advertisements that’s another lie. I get offers and deals from company’s and people I have never heard of or dealt with. That is probably a result from all the stolen or sold identities, address’s, names, email address’s, bank accounts, Military medical records, Military Deer’s accounts and so on and so on. I wish I could sue Microsoft for the pain, agony, loss of time, lost files and the lack of choice.

    1. Christine Cassello

      @Rodrick Doss:
      I have been frustrated with the same type of issues but what is even more annoying to me is finding some old information and pictures that are on the computer, but not where they are storing new information. I have found them in more than one location and it is annoying to have to try remembering what is where and some things do not show up on a search. I had one picture I was looking for that showed up in one of those older, no longer useful apps, but I had a terrible time locating it on the PC.

  27. I update my 2 computer to version 1703 just last night without any problems. I run Super Shield and no problems with it either. Both computer running just fine.

    1. @John: Will the laptop boot to the USB or DVD drive? You could try Windows 7 on a bootable USB stick or DVD, boot to that and see what it tells you.. Or, for the price of absolutely free, use another machine to download Linux Mint and burn that to a DVD, or better, write it to a USB stick using the Windows programme from ‘’ .

  28. I had computer set to block automatic updates but I awoke in the middle of the night to discover MS was downloading M10 to replace my W7. When I attempted to start my computer in the morning it was fried, all data lost and everything trashed. When I checked my back-up all the files were listed there BUT ALL WERE EMPTY. My geeks were unable to salvage the machine.It was an older, but very expensive machine perfectly functional with W7. Thank you MS!

    1. Same here. A lot of my files and photos were already saved, but not all. I’m about done with Microsoft. Their mistakes are too costly to consumers.

    2. @Roger Day: Sorry but this story makes no sense. Find a better geek because what you describe does not seem possible on many points starting with the mysterious (free?) upgrade to Windows 10.

    3. @Roger Day: This may help. Very much worth a try. Copied form an earlier reply to a post of mine. Easy, well usually works well and has for me. If you remove your hard drive and put it in a hard drive enclosure you can connect the hard drive with a USB connection to a working PC and searching for the files (which should still be in good order) transfer them to a thumb drive for saving them and when you get your PC running again just transfer them over to the now working PC. Some can be had at Amazon and other places. Here is a link to some on Amazon. I have done this twice due to laptops which will not reboot being introduced to damage or water which will not reboot. If the OS is in a situation that will not start the computer your files should all be there, photos and all.

    4. @Roger Day:
      Microsoft’s latest blunder aside, I’m sure that after years of being warned over and over, all of you had a recent backup of all of your important files, especially since small, high-quality, name-brand, 2 TB USB3 hard drives are now available everywhere for $80 or less. For anyone who is reading this and doesn’t have a recent backup of all of your important files, STOP BEING A VICTIM and realize that if you don’t regularly back up your important files, you also share some of the fault here. All hardware and software will eventually fail even if MS and Apple don’t make mistakes like this. Computers fail.
      Every computer user should have a recent backup of the following folders: Documents, Desktop, Downloads, Favorites, Music, Pictures, and Videos. In addition you need DAILY backups of all important business or school documents and files that you have worked on since the last time you backed up. Cloud backup vendors like OneDrive, iCloud, DropBox, Carbonite, etc., can make this much easier, but it’s always a good idea to have a local backup copy of your most important files as well. Don’t put your trust in Microsoft, Linux, cloud services or your own computer hardware. All of them can and will let you down eventually.

    5. @Roger Day: I had a similar experience with a forced download of W10 over W7. I had specifically requested them to not give me W10 for free. When I had discovered the undesired download (22 attempts no successful instal) I call MS and requested them to remove W10 which they did. I then discovered that W7 would no longer work so I called again to get them to fix what they had destroyed and was told that since I did not have a “continuing service agreement” on W7 I would have to pay them to fix the problem. I had everything on a separate backup hard drive and thought that restoring to an earlier time would solve the problem. WRONG! Still had the free W10 offer which immediately tried to download W10. I deleted the entire OS and installed a clean copy from Amazon and restored my stuff from the backup. It wasn’t long before MS again attempted to pollute my computer with W10. I again deleted everything and reinstalled the W7 from the disc AND GAVE THE COMPUTER TO CHARITY! I then went and bought an iMac which I was able to load with 99% of my files and stuff with some help from Apple. (they are great!) Lesson learned.

  29. Paul W. Auman Sr.

    I had simular problems with Windows 7. I finally got my email working and contacted PC Matic. The team at PC Matic told me what to do and now my computer is working fine. Do I really need to update to windows 10?
    Thank you PC Matic

  30. After downloading the operating system update–which took most of an afternoon, I might add, I am STILL getting “disk errors” which I never had before this update, and things keep inexplicably keep “freezing up.” They have virtually RUINED my computer! This is not the FIRST time I’ve had problems caused by Microsoft updates. I’m about to the point I’m ready to DISABLE their updates! I don’t need the aggravation. I hate System 10 anyhow. It is WAY too nosy and snoopy and likes to track everything you do so they can sell the data to advertisers, and I find that REPREHENSIBLE, considering that it came to life and INSTALLED ITSELF without my permission! They kept nagging me to install it and I didn’t. Walked in one day and it was halfway through installing itself! Rather than go through all the aggravation of trying to walk it back to the previous version, I just let it be. Now I’m rethinking and REGRETTING that decision! System 10 is an absolute HORROR, and Microsoft had a LOT OF NERVE inflicting it on users.

  31. I had the BSOD when I tried the update on my desktop. I had to roll back many times, but finally got it to load. My laptop took the update with no problems. Funny thing is my Desktop is a new machine with a clean install of windows 10, the laptop on the other hand is 6 yrs old. Both are running PCMatic. Go figure?

  32. Following update my Windows 10 was no longer activated. Tried to activate and was told that key was no good. This was an OEM windows 10 with a legal paid for key not a download. I contacted Microsoft and finally ended up downloading a updated copy of windows that they activated for me. Lost everything on my hard drive. Had to do a clean install. I was lucky, had a backup of my data but now I have to reinstall all my programs and will never remember all of them. Kind of interesting you NEVER hear of Apple owners having these problems.

    1. @Betty: This like one of the other posts on this thread also makes no sense. Since your Windows 10 installation was already activated, all you had to do was get it reactivated via a phone call to Microsoft.
      You said you downloaded an updated copy of Windows. What does that mean because said you already had the updated Windows 10.

      1. @Sam: and do this. Easy, well usually works well and has for me. If you remove your hard drive and put it in a hard drive enclosure you can connect the hard drive with a USB connection to a working PC and searching for the files (which should still be in good order) transfer them to a thumb drive for saving them and when you get your PC running again just transfer them over to the now working PC. Some can be had at Amazon and other places. Here is a link to some on Amazon. I have done this twice due to laptops which will not reboot being introduced to damage or water which will not reboot. If the OS is in a situation that will not start the computer your files should all be there, photos and all.

  33. I also have auto update turned on and after the update I couldn’t even get to the login screen, when I didn’t get the dreaded blue screen upon booting. Eventually, I just had to do a complete reset of the OS. After the reset, I installed all updates then reinstalled Pcmatic and have had no problems since.

  34. I had BIG issues and searched to try and find anything about what could have gone wrong.
    First I was not aware that Windows updated because I have it on automatic. Big mistake.
    I could no longer open any photos and got errors. Of course in this day and age your immediate reaction is a VIRUS. I protect all my systems with Pcmatic. So I went there for help.

    I ran a scan through pcmatic which took hours and the pcmatic suggestion was to run it again. After several more hours my system is now working. It would have been so nice had microsoft,upon learning of the issues, would have put some information on the internet in regard to it. I searched for error strings and problem with no help.

    Sometimes I wonder when we have blups here and there if it isn’t microsoft and they just do not own up to it. I know things don’t always go smoothly put it would be better if we didn’t have to guess and try and find out what happened.

    Thank Goodness for pcmatic!

    1. @Lauri Barker: windows10 has installed programs/malware to share your WiFi/modem. Thanks to I was made aware of this and turned it off. Turned off other default settings that MS uses to gather info and infiltrate everything on the computer. Tracking malware. I installed a new hard drive thinking that is what was causing my computer to misbehave, freeze, shut down and restart to an error screen. Each time I had to do a cold boot to get it functioning again. Only to have MS do an update right in the middle of me doing something on my computer. Now with the new hard drive my compute worked great for a week. MS did several updates and Now my computer hesitates, freezes momentarily and MS keeps turning all of the settings on that I turned off. They do this as default settings with each update several times a week. I have BitDefender Total and System Mechanic iolo security both password protected. MS keeps turning them off to bypass the security. I hate MS and windows10. But the only others choices are Apple or Linux OS. Many of my programs won’t work with either one. MS has taken the enjoyment out of using my computer and has caused street and wasted time.

    2. @Lauri Barker: Can you tell me how to disable their wifi sharing malware that you mentioned in another post? I have a VERY fast internet connection, but since that update, my Firefox browser freezes up about every 30 seconds and is virtually unusable! If I use the Windows 10-installed brower, it works better, but I have an internet business and have all KINDS of username/passwords stored in Firefox and it’s a BIG pain to switch browsers, because THAT stuff is not downloadable from one browser to another.

      1. @JoAnn Graham:
        There is a program called Spybot Anti-beacon from Safer networking Ltd. (it’s Free) that will allow you to turn on and off certain hidden functions like the Wi-fi Sense. Read everything before making changes as some of the features are actually required for apps like the windows store or mail or bing or office, etc.
        If you are running an internet business then you should not rely of firefox password manager on its own.
        Maybe get a password manager app that will work for all systems and not just firefox.
        You can also export your usernes/passwords to a file as another form of backup.

        1. I downloaded the “latest” version of Firefox and that seemed to work for a day or two, but now it’s back to freezing up and “not responding” a lot. What do you do if it’s a conflict between Flash and Firefox? Most web content can’t be viewed if you don’t have “flash” installed!

          1. Firefox has it’s own flash built into the program.
            You can go to the adobe website and check or download and install the latest.
            There is also a way to disable the built in flash version Firefox uses but you will have to google the instructions.

            From their site “Firefox security updates for XP and Vista users will continue until September 2017, although new features will not be offered. In mid-2017, a final support end date will be announced based on the number of users still on Windows XP and Vista.”
            Try clearing the internet cache or make it larger. Try other browsers and see if that makes a difference: Opera,Chrome etc.
            Maybe try installing an add-on like uBlock to lessen the load on the browser.
            To be honest there are lots of things which could be effecting your FFox but not FFox related.

    1. Not all updates created issues. However, for those impacted, we wanted to be sure to share remediation efforts. Thank you!

    1. have never had any issues with any of the Microsoft updates am running version wind home version 1709 have no idea why all the people are having all these issues. perhaps they should clean up their computers some time and perhaps all the garbage they have on them wouldn’t cause all these issues this computer is a hp pavilion 2007 vintage so if I’m not having any issues on it neither should any of these others I am also running it on a acer laptop and 3 tablets so apparently these people have had [email protected]George: before the update

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