BEWARE: Scammers Using PC Matic Name

Scammers Use PC Matic Name to Lure Victims

This isn’t the first time the PC Matic name has been associated with a scam.  This time, scammers are using the name PCMaticPlus.  They are using this to execute tech support scams.  The scams may range from charging a ridiculous amount per minute to “fix” your computer, or charge a flat rate to “fix” something that is wrong.  Some users are downloading this application on their own, as it promises to fix all registry needs, free of charge.  Although, others may find it downloaded on their computer without their knowledge.  It is unknown how the program gets onto anyone’s PC without their knowledge; however, it is likely they are spreading this through malicious emails.

Various security solutions have flagged PCMaticPlus as malicious.  If a user is running PC Matic, and this program attempts to execute a malicious file, it will be stopped.  Also, the scam pop-ups will also be blocked through the adblocking technology integrated into PC Matic.  If you’re using a different security solution, some that are blocking this application are Sophos, Symantec, McAfee and Panda.

If you already have PCMaticPlus on your computer and wish to remove it, you can learn how to do so here.

For anyone looking to purchase the legitimate security solution, PC Matic, you may do so at

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3 thoughts on “BEWARE: Scammers Using PC Matic Name”

  1. Its becoming, if not impossible, at least extremely difficult for an individual to identify and react to PC security issues in time to save ones data….. that is without protection at least as good as PC Matic. Yes I know I sound like an add but its true. I’ve used PC Matic for years and never had a problem. Thanks to the network Gods …. and PCX Matic.

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