Bitcoin Value Increases Almost 25% In Less Than 30 Days

Bitcoin Value Skyrockets

Bitcoin, the non-traceable currency used in many cybercrimes, has been inflated.  As of December 27, 2016 the currency reached an all time high of $936.  This means one bitcoin is almost $1,000!  After reviewing the graph below, provided by Spiceworks, you will see the hike in value, and just how much it has changed within the last 30 days.

At the end of November one bitcoin was valued at $750.  In less than a month, a 24.8% increase in value occurred, boosting the value of one bitcoin to $936.  This impacts every single cybercrime victim who has any intentions to pay the demands made by cyber criminals.

To be clear, this does not mean every ransomware attack will result in roughly a $1,000 payment demand.  However, it will increase the demands overall.  In most cases, ransomware victims are paying the cyber criminals in bitcoin, per the hackers demands.  With the inflated value of the bitcoin, victims will be paying more.

The increase in value of the bitcoin is not expected to decrease anytime soon.  As of today, December 28th, the value has increased again.  According to, the bitcoin value is now $955.98.


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1 thought on “Bitcoin Value Increases Almost 25% In Less Than 30 Days”

  1. Invested in bit coin in 2010. I invested not to make a profit but to off set other investments like gold and bank stock.
    Also I believe in the dollar having no worth after Obama. I certainty have no problem with bit coin going up in value.
    Lets have a great Trump year

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