Pennsylvania Statewide Voter Ballot Recount After Malware Concerns

Ballot Recount May be Court Ordered for Pennsylvania

A computer expert from the University of Michigan has released concerns regarding the possibility of malware manipulating electronic voting ballots. These fears are not new. Several people expressed concern regarding the security of voter booths when we held a public poll. However, now the Green party is attempting to court order a statewide ballot recount in Pennsylvania after concerns of malware manipulating the results.  The concerns are focused on Pennsylvania due to their heavy reliance on electronic systems for voter ballots, and lack of paper backups.  Unfortunately, it looks like the courts do not have the authority to issue the recount the Green party is requesting.

If for some reason, the recount does proceed, the state is confident the results will remain. Pennsylvania Secretary of State, Pedro Cortes, made the following statement to WTAE,

“When everything is said and done, you’re going to see that the results are accurate,” Cortes said. “Are they perfect? Did they miss one vote here or there? … To see something systemic that will change the outcome of the election, no, nothing like that I anticipate will come out of the recounts.”

So, it looks like the results are final. What do you think? Do you believe the results were potentially manipulated by malware?



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14 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Statewide Voter Ballot Recount After Malware Concerns”

  1. No, I don’t think malware swayed the vote in PA nor any other state. Firstly, from what I have heard and from many different sources, the computers used were/are not connected to the internet and that there’s no chance any ‘infected’ memory stick or similar device was used. The DNC even says that the equipment used in the different states is all outdated and that would render today’s technology incompayible with the old equipment, Secondly, even though some states may use similar or the same computer system brands, most every state tabulates in different ways. Thirdly, I have also heard that George Soros owns or is connected to many of the brands used. Fourthly, If any cheating were to happen, I believe from past OBVIOUS practices on her part, that any advantage would be garnered by her camp. Fifthly, I don’t think all this is about whether Trump or Hillary won, it is an Attempt by the NWO boss George Soros and his puppets (Hillary and Jill Stein) to render the delegates illegitimate in WI, MI, and PA to take Trump’s delegate count down below the 270 mark. The people aren’t stupid!
    Let’s draw another parallel here. Why doesn’t Jill Stein challenge MLB to reverse the 1975 World Series win and award it to the Red Sox as they only won 3 games to the Reds 4, even though the Red Sox scored more total runs in the whole series? Case Closed!!!!!!!!

  2. We need to competently overhaul our voting procedures in the USA.
    It is intended to be one valid voter, one vote.
    With the way the system has been gamed, that has fallen by the wayside long ago.
    It is not just the electronic voting that is the problem.
    The dead have been voting for years, (remember Nixon/Kennedy) districts have more votes than voters, (Minnesota comes to mine), recounts turn into, oh look here, found all these ballots in a box in a corner, (King Co. Washington), and the list goes on.
    The way voters are registered now is a joke, when you get your drivers license just check the box that says you are allowed to vote, and we will send your ballot to you in the mail to be filled out and mailed back.
    Think you could buy a gun like that?
    How about the “Get out the vote” drives, think about that one, party goons go around getting anyone they can find to sign the forms, no background checks required, bottle of wine, got a ballot they can cast. I suspect that’s how King Co. always manages to overturn a vote count.
    There is no excuse not to be able to prove you are a US citizen legally entitled to vote in this day and age, if you are one of the in the shadow people it might take you a bit longer to do so, and you might even not be able to vote in the next election, but that’s your problem, and there are plenty of folks around to help you through it. But I’ll be dammed if I will surrender my vote to some crook to cancel out because you can’t take the time to live in the modern age.
    And when it comes time to vote, no more free rides to the polls by fast talking operatives of either party who will offer whatever to buy the vote. We can get the folks who don’t have a way to do so to the polls using free on election day public transportation and other party neutral transportation.
    And while we are at it, we need to close up the loop-hole of how we determine representation for Congress.
    The way it works now is based on the US Census count, so long story short, we have 14 million people counted living mostly in liberal states that welcome “undocumented immigrants”, translation, “illegal aliens” or “foreign invaders”, giving those states more votes in congress than is legal. In short, they are over-represented.
    If the Census count is going to be used in that calculation, then it also needs to determine just who is a US citizen and who is not.
    Our voting system has been damaged far beyond just possible electronic tampering.
    I think at this point we are all going to have to all re-register to vote to prove we are entitled to vote, and then go to a polling station, show valid ID, and after voting including a hard-copy ballot, dip our finger in ink to show we did vote, so the vote gamer, who ever they might be, can no longer rig the vote.
    And if the folks who are in charge of securing our ballots are so incompetent as to lose them by the box full, sorry, cant count those mysteriously found votes, but sure can jail the person who was in charge of protecting them. Bet it won’t happen after that.
    By the way, ever notice how all those mysteriously found ballots and recounts always seem to go to the party that is calling for the re-count, what are the odds of that happening nearly every time.
    Our nation is intended to be a democratic republic, with the rights of the individual protected by an iron-clad constitution to protect the individual from “mob rule”, the dark side of democracy, and based on one legal person, one legal vote, and a government that not only represents the big populated states, but also equally represents the small populated states.
    Our founding fathers gave us a unique nation never seen or surpassed, lets not screw it up.
    Remember, the people who whine the most about “disenfranchised voters” because they must show proof of who they are, are ones who are gaming the system, to Hell with them, lets fix the problem.

    1. @Jones: PLEASE SEND ALL of your comment to the newly elected President Trump website. Maybe they can use some GENERAL PUBLIC advice! (SOUND THINKING) well said!

  3. Lawyers from both the Stein and Clinton campaigns both admitted that absolutely no evidence had been seen to indicate that any counts were wrong or manipulated. When reports on TV say the Stein campaign collects $7M and then tells PA that they don’t have $1M for the bond for a recount, it makes the whole Stein request smell of the usual Democrat Party proclivity for stunts. Now, if you look at VA where the Gov gave convicted felons the right to vote, or NH where former Sen Scott Brown indicated the democrats in that state bused in voters from who knows where and all you have to do is say you forgot your ID but yes, I’m really a resident of the state and your allowed to vote; or CA where they issue driver licenses to illegals now there are states with the environment that’s ripe for fraud. Did Stein question those results? No, Clinton won those states, no need to question those practices. Democrat stunts from the party of stunts and liars….what surprise.

    1. @Jeff: You nailed it. The recounts aren’t about malware. They are instead about corrupt politicians trying to throw out the results of the election and give the position to their candidate after all their previous efforts with dead voters, illegal alien voters, and people voting multiple times for their candidate were not enough to “win” the “election”.

      1. HEY, EVERYBODY!!

        @CARLOS said: “If it uses electricity, it is plugged in to a network, so… to the internet”

        He actually wrote that for everyone to see!! Must be a Super Wise Technie!!!

        1. @jeyon: tss. tss “…Power-line communication (PLC) is a communication method that uses electrical wiring to simultaneously carry both data, and Alternating Current (AC) electric power transmission or electric power distribution. It is also known as power-line carrier, power-line digital subscriber line (PDSL), mains communication, power-line telecommunications, or power-line networking (PLN).”

  4. As many other processes, electoral voting process should be transparent and accountable, paper backup for double check, with the possibility of multiple viewers, independent ones and other representing the several parties competing for the democratic vote, don´t hurt and increases people trust in the process.
    The argument is that what is not visible can be manipulated, and there are many reported situations that feed reasons for mistrust.

    1. @Carlos: The Soros machines used in PA were recently manipulated in the 2016 Philippine Presidential election this past May. The on site rep from the manufacturer fled the country when fraud was claimed. The courts found in July that separate extra servers were used to manipulate the vote.

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