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Spooky Look Into Future Malware Attacks

A new form of malware has been discovered, and it provides a scary glimpse into future attacks…

A successor to Mirai has been found, called Linux/IRCTelnet is putting the Internet of Things (IoT) devices at risk.  At this time it is unknown how successful the malware is against our IoT devices.  However, it most certainly shows the way malware authors are starting to sway.  As a society, we have never been more technological, and the cyber criminals are more willing than ever to exploit that.

Traditionally, the makers of IoT devices haven’t put much thought into the security of these devices.  That will need to change.  As malware continues to evolve, targeting our most important devices, we must stay secure.

The good news is, this increased risk of malware attacks on IoT devices has prompted an urgency for security applications.  According to BizJournal, Tyfone has recently sponsored a challenge at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology focusing on IoT applications.  Students were encouraged to submit IoT security solutions, and Tyfone picked the best of the best to submit security solutions to the company.

So, even though we are seeing a spooky look into the future of malware attacks, a solution is in the works.

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2 thoughts on “Spooky Look Into Future Malware Attacks”

  1. Your protection has failed me. Malware along with a Virus entered my Computer. Over 1100 problems were detected. I had to pay for a clean up and additional protection. NOT HAPPY!

    1. Kayla Thrailkill

      Thank you for sharing your concerns, and I apologize for the issues you’ve experienced. Did you notify our support team of the issues you experienced? They would be able to assist with remediation. Also, do you know if SuperShield was enabled at the time of infection? You can contact our support team at

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