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80% IT Pros Believe Internet Security is Everyone’s Responsibility

In the wake of the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack last week on the Internet performance management company, Dyn, we’ve learned of some unsettling security vulnerabilities for millions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It was discovered the DDoS attack utilized the Mirai botnet to hack thousands of IoT devices and to take down domain name service providers to popular websites like Twitter and Amazon, placing the importance of cyber security back in the headlines.

In terms of internet security, only a few days before the attack, PC Matic conducted a poll among the IT community on whom is responsible for maintaining the internet’s safety and security. With over 575 IT pro respondents to our Spiceworks poll, 80% felt it is not just one group or body’s responsibility; rather, every user is responsible for keeping the internet safe and secure.  A mere 7% felt it was the IT pros and network providers’ responsibility, and only 2% believe it is up to government regulators.

While we’ve posted several posts on security best practices and cyber education, does majority of America think everyone is responsible for the Internet’s safety and security? If not, who should be? Let us know your input in the poll below.


Who is responsible for keeping the Internet safe and secure?

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2 thoughts on “80% IT Pros Believe Internet Security is Everyone’s Responsibility”

  1. The problem is that you are relying on untrained people for your security of the internet. There are many people that are just computer users and they know nothing about security. They just want to open the computer and use it. The easier you make it for security to be on the computers the better for the internet. We all know stupid people using computers. Then there are the devices that are hooked to the internet with no security such as baby monitors and home cameras.

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