12M Unknown Malware Variants Released Every Month

New malware variants are taking the world by storm…

How can you possibly keep your data safe when new malware variants continue to come out of the woodwork?  A press release from Check Point stated 12 million new malware variants are released every month.  Traditional security solutions, which implement blacklisting technology, cannot possibly keep up with this growing threat.  Here’s why.

The blacklist approach, which most antivirus programs use, takes every single file and program you attempt to open and compares it to their list of known bad programs.  If it is on the blacklist, the program/file cannot run.  If it is not on the blacklist, it is considered safe and begins to execute.  Unfortunately, there is a problem with this methodology because it’s impossible to keep the blacklist updated when it has been confirmed that millions of new variants are released every month.


The solution to this problem is application whitelistingApplication whitelisting is a technology that is quite opposite to the blacklist approach.  Instead of trying to keep up with the millions and millions of new malware variants every month, it simply keeps track of the known safe programs.  No matter how many new variants are created every month, they will never be tested and proven safe to be placed on the whitelist.  Thus, keeping your endpoint and data secure.

The FBI, NSA and US-CERT have acknowledged application whitelisting as a valid solution.  These organizations have encouraged users to implement application whitelisting technology to ensure endpoint and data security.

PC Matic and PC Matic Pro offer application whitelisting technologyPC Matic is available for home use, and PC Matic Pro is also available for government and enterprise use.

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