Two States’ Election Systems Have Been Hacked

Initial reports disclosed voter systems being hacked, but that is not accurate…

Initial reports stated Illinois and Arizona’s voter systems have been hacked; however this is not accurate.  The states indeed experienced a hack, but it was of the election systems, not the voter systems.  This hack did include a breach of over 200,000 voter data files.  This lead to concerns about how further breaches could impact the upcoming election.

Washington Post went into great detail in a recent article explaining the difficulty of changing the actual outcome of the presidential election, or any election for that matter.  Here is what you need to know.  First, there are three different systems tied to the voting process, the election systems, voting systems and campaign system.  All of these systems flow into each other, but in various ways.

The votes are actually tallied through the voter system.  In order to breach this system to effectively alter the outcome, it would require significant work due to the multiple security measures that are in place.  First, a public tabulation test occurs to ensure the systems are working properly.  At the time of the live election, the votes are encrypted with multiple layers of encryption, and sent to a central location.  The voting devices are also, not connected to the internet.  To further secure the results, thumb drives are sent to a central location that have been digitally signed with the voting results.  If any of the encrypted results are slow to arrive, or are deemed potentially corrupted, the thumb drive results are used.  One week after the election, the final results are compared to the paper totals, and if any discrepancies are noted, they are looked into further.

Now, I’m not saying it can’t be done.  But I am saying it would be incredibly difficult and require multiple levels of collusion to ensure success, without raising any red flags.

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22 thoughts on “Two States’ Election Systems Have Been Hacked”

  1. My biggest issue with this analysis is that software can be written to alter voting outcomes long before votes are actually cast. The article primarily deals with hacking after the fact, not developers making such “adjustments” before the fact. As a retired system developer and IT Manager, I worry about bugs during development more than hacking long after development.

  2. Oh My Goodness. Considering the state of the country with loss of civil liberties, NDAA, USAPatriot Act (I and II), and countless others, including the proven manipulation of voting machines, OF COURSE the election can (and has been) hacked / changed. If there is any one left out there who does not believe it, then they not done their due diligence with investigation of the Deep State or ‘Continuity of Government’. Please do not make such a naive statement as “it would be incredibly difficult and require multiple levels of collusion” because you have just described what the real controllers of our government do EVERY day. Tsk tsk tsk

    1. @Rick:

      They do not need to hack the elections. They have already rigged it. Trump has stated from the beginning that the elections are rigged and this shows how they have it rigged!!!!

  3. I worked for the Supervisor of Elections of Alachua County, Florida. Uncertifiable equipment was used for early voting in the 2007 City of Gainesville election. This was discovered by a warehouse employee who layed this information to the warehouse manager who immediately called Pam Carpenter, the Supervisor of Elections. She and the warehouse manager hid this information and to this day only 6 people know this happened. When I learned of this I had a friend request the paper trail for this election but Pam Carpenter obstructed every avenue and the people at the Florida Division of Elections were completely uninterested in this information.
    I was suffering from a health related disability which forced me into early retirement and I didn’t have the energy to pursue this any further.
    The moral of the story; if you have a lying, crooked Supervisor of Elections, there’s no telling what kind of immoral behavior is going on behind closed doors, whether it’s to cover your own dumb-ass or to rig the outcome our elections will never be without vulnerability until they are monitored like a Las Vegas casino.

    1. Diane Wilkinson Trefethen

      @Donia Connell:
      Good point about monitoring. You and I may be honest enough to run elections without cheating but history has proven that the people who actually DO run them are not.

  4. Diane Wilkinson Trefethen

    I expect people who get paid to publish articles to be extremely cautious when endorsing the status quo. Failure in this regard opens the author to charges of naïveté and worse. Her comment, “Now, I’m not saying it can’t be done. But I am saying it would be incredibly difficult and require multiple levels of collusion to ensure success, without raising any red flags” reminds me of the words of Alexander Hamilton in Federalist Paper #26.

    “Schemes to subvert the liberties of a great community REQUIRE TIME to mature them for execution… [they] could only be formed by progressive augmentations; which would suppose, not merely a temporary combination between the legislature and executive, but a continued conspiracy for a series of time. Is it probable that such a combination would exist at all? Is it probable that it would be persevered in, and transmitted along through all the successive variations in a representative body, which biennial elections would naturally produce in both houses? Is it presumable, that every man, the instant he took his seat in the national Senate or House of Representatives, would commence a traitor to his constituents and to his country?”

    “If such suppositions could even be reasonably made, still the concealment of the design, for any duration, would be impracticable… It is impossible that the people could be long deceived; and the destruction of the project, and of the projectors, would quickly follow the discovery.”

    Yeah, right 🙁

    1. Excellent comment. I’m very alarmed that a public education in the United States does not include even basic history. I doubt that most Americans have knowledge of the principles of the Declaration of Independence, freedom and capitalism.
      I take great pleasure in finding that some of us do have the ability to read and relate such a terrific treste as the federalist papers to the clear decline of such a wonderful country.
      Thank You

  5. It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything. Joseph Stalin

    so what you’re saying is that it’d be difficult for anybody other than the people who control the system? No shit, all of you sherlocks!

  6. I always use early ballot voting with paper. I check the county recorders office with my information such as date of birth name and voters registration card number, and hit enter and it will say it was received and recorded. Doesn’t say what I voted for was recorded just say’s it was recorded. Kind of raises a red flag to me. What to say they didn’t change my choices????

    1. Diane Wilkinson Trefethen

      @Walter Schurmann – could you provide a citation please? If you had said 100% of the votes went to Obama, I wouldn’t dispute that. There are 59 wards (precincts) in Philiadelphia that have about 20 registered Republicans altogether. That they would vote 100% for Obama is hardly surprising.

    2. No, they haven’t forgotten. They choose to ignore the facts that voter fraud does exist and will happen during this year’s presidential election.

    1. My recollection of the issues were 1)a number of precincts existed where the total votes were over 100% of the registered voters;2)there were precincts where Obama got 100% of the vote. Number 2 makes you go, Hmmmmm while number 1 should have required an audit by the Fed election commission and those votes ALL disallowed. If your election officials run a system that is so flawed or sloppy, then you better get better election officials if you want your votes to count. @Jeffry Gordon:

  7. They just slide in a voter card with special software on it that travels to the central location and retabulates the results unseen.

  8. The voters have yet to meet Hillary’s Band of Merry Hackers! They will make the other hackers look like novices. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. She’s got the will, the power, and most likely, already knows the way.
    Think Kennedy/Nixon.

  9. Many states like mine, use touch-screen voting machines which have NO paper trail. Are these safe to use? I don’t trust them, and vote absentee in order to have a paper ballot.

    1. With the other security measures in place, I am fairly certain your vote would be secure using the electronic machines. I cannot make any promises though. I think to be absolutely safe, stick with the paper ballot.

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