Password Protection Is Crucial

The importance of proper password protection can never be understated…

Vice President of Cybersecurity for PC Pitstop, Dodi Glenn, shares his thoughts on the importance of password protection, and what you can do to keep you data safe with MSPMentor.  Watch the full FastChat below:

Our security experts also weighed in on how to capitalize on multi-factor authentication with MSPMentor, click here for additional information.

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2 thoughts on “Password Protection Is Crucial”

  1. Gerald Balasco

    It was very hard to understand the person explaining about passwords. He did not speak very plain, it was muffeled.

  2. The biggest part of this problem are the customers/workers. In the work environment, the workers mostly are computer illiterate. The same can be said of customers.

    I personally am not afraid to connect to the Internet. Yes, it can be scary – But, I have good to excellent protection with my AV program, Malwarebytes program and Last Pass for my passwords.

    I found that I needed a Password program, to be able to function. As I have gotten older, I’m almost 73, my memory is not as good as when I was 30 or 40 years old. Surprise. So, I tried several different Password programs and for me, LastPass works and works well.

    When I did work, I was connected to the network at the hospital I worked for. Every 3 months, a new password was needed. They limited how many characters we could use and NO special characters were allowed. So, I had to keep my password similar each time, just so I could remember it. This is not good for the company/business as these passwords can be easily hacked.

    I have the same problem with my financial institution. They want your password to be 8-20 characters long, which is fine – However NO Special characters are allowed. I say since the bank has no knowledge of your password and doesn’t keep it on record – Let the customers use what they need for a safe password.

    By the way, this video was an excellent one, with good information on it. I feel everyone needs to see this, even a computer savvy person like me. 🙂

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